Provide data analysis and visualization of employees’ session content to realize risk control and avoidance and efficient customer management.

Product superiority

Product value


Compliant archiving of session content

  • Chat content is automatically stored in the cloud, and the data can be exported locally; retrospective viewing and downloading of text/picture/voice/video messages are supported.

Reminder of employee violations

  • With a sensitive word database, the system will prompt for violations in real time when behaviors affecting customer experience occur during communication.

Smart customer tag

  • The administrator customizes tag rules according to the needs to automatically tag customers based on keywords of chat content.

Customer message timeout reminder

  • The administrator configures the timeout period, and if the employee fails to respond to customer in time, the system will remind the employee and report to the administrator.

Application scenario

Avoid business risks
  • Prevent employees from stealing orders
  • Disputes can be traced back
  • Prevent leakage of core information
Analyze service quality
  • Standardize customer service script
  • Evaluate service quality
  • Workload summary report
Session compliance audit
  • Prevent exaggerated returns for financial industry
  • Prevent exaggerated efficacy for medical industry
Chat content display
  • The sidebar shows the chat history
  • Aggregate chat records of multiple customers
  • Collaborate with related personnel in group chat

Customer success case

The Enterprise WeChat operation project of an operator group

The capabilities of AISWare WMCA were widely used in intelligent marketing, customer behavior analysis, customer service alignment, employee behavior auditing, automated weekly operation reporting, sensitive word warning, employee timeout reminder and other operational scenarios to explore customer preferences and assist employees in refine operations to improve the efficiency and quality of sales.Total order volume: 780+;Order conversion rate: 18.0%

  • 780+ Total order volume
  • 18.0% Order conversion rate
The session archiving project of a law firm

The law firm used Enterprise WeChat to add and serve customers’ personal WeChat accounts, and used the capabilities of AISWare WMCA to supervise employees’ chat content in the whole process and ban sensitive words to meet compliance requirements and avoid risks; and retained customer information to prevent employees from taking away after demission.