AISWare STC takes trusted data as its purpose to provide the blockchain (consortium chain) services needed by enterprises. Its products include blockchain platforms and solutions. It realizes ICT value reconstruction and decentralized service model with unprecendented trust level. Industry data is quickly uploaded on the chain, and the industry alliance is constructed in a minimalist way. Starchain can solve three major types of problems for customers: solve the problem of multiple alliance chain docking and business on-chain, solve the problem of enterprises building private domain blockchains, and solve the problem of enterprises building blockchain ecology.

Product superiority

Product value


Corporate Information Sharing

  • Blockchain has the characteristics of openness and transparency, so each user is publishing a piece of information. In a very short time, this piece of information will be copied to all blocks on the chain, which can realize data synchronization across the entire network.

Data security and credibility

  • It has an effective anti-tampering mechanism, a secure data management and isolation mechanism, supports core technologies such as consensus algorithms, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proofs, etc., and provides complete users, secret keys, authority management, isolation processing, and a reliable network security foundation ability.

Development Cost Saving

  • By transforming computing resources, communication resources, storage resources, as well as the upper-level blockchain accounting capabilities, blockchain application development capabilities, and blockchain supporting facilities capabilities into programmable interfaces, the application development process and application deployment process are simple and efficient.

O&M Capabilities Enhancement

  • Provide fault classification and hierarchical alarm system and operation and maintenance methods, provide necessary operation and maintenance interfaces and operation and maintenance authorization capabilities, provide all-weather visual resource monitoring capabilities for chain codes and on-chain applications, and provide complete rights and domains based on permissions User management system.

Application scenario

Express Toll Audit
  • Ins and Outs Audit
  • Incompatibility audit of entrance and exit vehicle information
  • Empty long-distance/heavy short-distance audit
  • Path restoration audit
Cold Chain Logistic
  • Product traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Respond quickly to food safety emergencies
  • IoT device data on chain
  • Ensuring the safety of cold chain food

Customer success case

AISWare STC Starchain helps an operator enrich the equity product market

The equity center owns more than 10 equity products, and introduces more than 30 external equity products through the construction of an equity blockchain platform. The flexible combination and interconnection of equity products have enriched the equity product market.More than 100 kinds of equity product combinations, single month equity product subscriptions increase by more than 10,000, and the system has zero failures in self-operation.

  • 100+ equity product portfolio
  • 10000+ order increase

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