Based on Enterprise WeChat, build a corporate private traffic pool, and provide a series of operation tools for the full process of connecting, understanding, managing, activating and converting customers, after-sales service, etc. to deeply serve private domain customers and realize digital operation.

Product superiority

Product value


Empower employees

  • Provide personalized service tools for employees during communicating with customers
  • Employees conduct all-round management on customers to retain and activate them
  • Provide accurate analysis services with real-time update of employee performance

Customer operation

  • Align with internal data of companies and combine big data to enrich customer portraits and customer management
  • Provide warm social services, including holiday care, birthday greetings, interaction of WeChat Moment, group interaction, etc.
  • Combine user tags to analyze user needs by group and classification, and accurately push contents to achieve intelligent marketing

Scenario-based marketing

  • Attract new customers by planning marketing campaigns, and inspire customers to share spontaneously to realize the exponential growth
  • Create the task of add friends in batch and track adding details in real time in back-office to control the execution status in real time
  • Each channel can set an exclusive QR code and customize the welcome message, and the customer automatically marks the source channel

Sales conversion

  • Activate customers under standard operation guidance to realize the conversion of community operation and marketing
  • Provide a wealth of poster DIY to meet all kinds of marketing needs
  • Combine marketing strategies and conversion data to analyze effects and review the operation

Application scenario

Attract customers and traffic
  • Dynamic QR code of channel
  • Special business card
  • Newcomer gift/Fission
  • Dynamic QR code of community
  • Add in batch
Customer operation
  • SCRM
  • Customer retention
  • Poster DIY
  • Follow up records
Marketing conversion
  • Tag mass texting
  • Marketing material library
  • Task allocation and tracking
  • Accurate recommendation
Data analysis
  • Customer growth
  • Message interaction
  • Order conversion
  • Usage analysis

Customer success case

China Mobile: Data traffic package and Zhiweiguanjia attracted 260,000+ new customers in one month

A provincial company of China Mobile launched new customer attraction activities through Zhiweiguanjia. After employees add customers, the welcome message will automatically send a newcomer gift activity, and eligible customers can receive a 3GB data traffic package. The format of activity was simple and clear..

  • 260,000+ Number of new customers
China Unicom: The user tag of Zhiweiguanjia helps with maintaining customers efficiently!

On the eve of the Spring Festival, a provincial company of China Unicom launched the “Opening Lucky Bag for New Year” activity through Zhiweiguanjia, taking advantage of the holiday to carry out customer care and maintenance activities to enhance customer perception. During the activity, target users were covered by mass texting...

  • 70,000+ Number of customers covered
China Mobile: Two approaches of “Lucky Wheel” and “Inviting Friends...”, efficiently attracted 50,000+ customers

China Mobile carried out customer attracting activities through Zhiweiguanjia in a province. By promoting the “Lucky Wheel” activity both online and offline, users added the Enterprise WeChat customer service staff to receive data traffic rewards after winning the prize, and then invited friends...

  • 50,000+ Number of new customers