AIRPA is AsiaInfo's robotic process automation and intelligent R&D platform, providing one-stop process robot development, installation and deployment, scheduling operation, monitoring and management capabilities. We customizes visual process robots for enterprises, and efficiently outputs digital labor with high flexibility and high plasticity, which promotes the intelligent remodeling of processes and accelerates the digital upgrade of enterprises.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Integrate AI and big data capabilities

    Integrate big data capabilities and AI perception technologies, expand the breadth and depth of automation, improve intelligence, complete task processing with minimal manual intervention, and achieve long-term benefits.

  • Low cost, high return

    Enterprises using AIRPA can effectively improve work efficiency by about 75%, save costs by more than 80%, and achieve a 400% return on investment.

  • Process intelligence

    Realize automatic discovery of process data anomalies, automatic identification of process changes, and automatic accumulation of process knowledge through data intelligence.

  • Visual process robot production

    Build a drag-and-drop process design platform, assemble browsers, Windows, Office and other operating components to achieve visual process design.

  • Advanced value-added services

    We provide professional training and technical support, provide on-site implementation, and can customize the development of process robot scenarios according to enterprise needs.


AISWare AIRPA can be widely used in telecommunications, finance, industry, retail and other industries. It is used in many scenarios such as financial and tax automation, IT operation and maintenance automation, supply chain management automation, and data processing conversion in various industries.