Based on population management, demographic census and other scenarios of government departments and real-time multi-dimensional big data of enterprises, the demographic indicator statistics, accurate control of the characteristics of population migration in the target area, and advance preparation, interim monitoring, and ex-post verification support of demographic census are achieved through big data technology processing and data analysis and filtering models to create a highly visual smart population management platform

Product superiority

Product value


Monitoring regional economic indicators

  • Analyzing regional population’s consuming power
  • Analyzing regional population’s industry distribution

Providing data analysis reports for investment attraction in key regions

  • Reporting accurate data of stream of people in key areas
  • Reporting accurate data of flow of people in key areas

Demographic census support

  • Advance preparation support
  • Interim monitoring support
  • Ex-post verification support

Emergency management support

  • Disaster forecasting
  • Monitoring of flow of people
  • SMS/flash message/IVR reaching to people

Application scenario

Evaluation on evacuation effect
  • Display of thermodynamic diagram showing the whereabouts of the population after the evacuation of a certain area
  • Head count in evacuated areas
Analysis of working and resident population migration
  • The migration path of working and resident population in a certain area
  • Warning of flow of people on major road sections of working and resident population migration
Urban emergency support
  • Population density monitoring in a key monitoring area
  • Emergency dispatch management for accidents
Population density and structure adjustment and control
  • Residence time statistics of regional population
  • Regional high-density population warning and monitoring

Customer success case

A statistical bureau: Population big data analysis platform

Customized for a statistical bureau, it realizes dynamic population monitoring, comprehensive population index analysis, thematic analysis of population, dynamic monitoring of key areas, etc.

  • 80% The accuracy of dynamic population monitoring has been increased
The statistical bureau of a certain province: Dynamic population monitoring

The active user analysis, residential user analysis, user analysis in designated areas, monitoring of flow of customer in the trading market, analysis of real-time flow of customer, etc. have been realized

  • 10 million Dynamic population monitoring covering more than
A Development and Reform Commission: Commuting analysis of working and resident population in a certain area of a certain city

The commuting situations of users who live in a certain area and work in a certain city have been analyzed.

  • 3w The analysis of the number of commuters in the city has covered

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