AISWare PCF+ is a strategy control product which is constructed through integrating the function of the B-side EPF product into the function of PCF of the 3GPP standard, aiming to enhance the 5G network opening capability, build network service operation capability, provide real-time services for 2C/2B/2I and other scenarios, and promote 5G network opening and value realization.

Product superiority

Product value


OB connection

  • Connection O domain and B domain to form a closed business loop, provide users with more real-time network services and provide a better service experience

Value-added data

  • Combining the data of multiple systems in the B domain to provide enhanced event and strategy service capabilities for each system, and effectively increase the value of data

Flexible options

  • PCF products that meet 3GPP and operators enterprise specifications, with complete capabilities and lightweight options to meet the needs of different scenarios

Business Innovation

  • Integrating multiple open capabilities of the O domain to form new service capabilities for B domain systems, and help B domain systems build new business capabilities

Application scenario

QoS guarantee in dense areas
  • High concurrency
  • Low latency
  • Accurate matching of users
  • Integration of B domain business data
Smart quota
  • No intrusion
  • High performance
  • Flexible strategy
IoT fraud prevention
  • No perception
  • Situational experience
  • Open capability
Traffic rate limit
  • Standard 3GPP network element
  • Real-time traffic rate limit
  • Multi-element control rate limit

Customer success case

AISWare PCF+ helps China Mobile Hubei company realize online billing smart quota business

According to the consumption of users in the past few months, the strategy of intelligent and dynamic user authorization quota can realize dynamic calculation and adjustment of authorization quota information of each user without affecting user perception, billing accuracy, and timely prompt, so as to empower the entire process and all links of production, operation and management and improve operating efficiency. In this way, the efficient sharing of capabilities and empowerment for market development are achieved.

  • 25% Number of interactions between CHF and billing system: Reduced by
  • 16% Hardware resource saving: Reduced by
  • 3% Timeliness ratio of prompt: Increased by

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