With standardized service interfaces, it provides on-demand, fast and accurate intelligent analysis services to 5GC/OAM/AF, supports flexible deployment in multiple scenarios, meets application requirements at different levels, enables functional entities in 5G network, and realizes low-cost operator networks and efficient intelligent closed loop.

Product superiority

Product value


Making 5G network intelligent

  • Providing multi-scenario intelligent analysis services to network entities such as AMF, SMF, UPF, AF, etc.

User experience guarantee

  • Analyzing user behavior and evaluating user experience in real time, and assisting in network user-level policy adjustments in a targeted manner

Siloed data bridging

  • With free switching among terminals and full data coverage, real-time and on-demand quick retrieval and correlation of data can be performed to promote key industries to guarantee cross-domain and cross-province applications

Application scenario

User experience field
  • Evaluation of user service experience
  • Analysis of user abnormal behavior
  • Analysis of user communication behavior
  • Analysis of user mobile behavior
  • Analysis of user data congestion
Network quality field
  • Slicing load analysis
  • Network performance analysis
  • QoS change analysis
  • Network element load analysis

Customer success case

An operator

AISWare NWDAF helps a province realize intelligent user service experience management Through big data platform and general AI platform, the self-developed ECS intelligent model has been adopted to realize the service experience evaluation and prediction for short video or long video, so as to quickly and accurately obtain the blind spots of poor experience and potential dissatisfied users, and help operators optimize the network and enhance user engagement.

  • 90% precision ration
  • 80% recall rate of prediction
  • 20+ multi-dimensional solid presentation