Integrating various information resources of the whole society, forming the ability of accurate directing and emergency response with visual, controllable, and manageable digital intelligent means, and quickly deal with various public emergencies. When a serious meteorological event is detected, the number of people in the affected area is automatically estimated, and safety warnings are sent to the people who may be affected in time for them to take preventive measures in advance and reduce losses.

Product superiority

Product value


Prior warning

  • Monitoring and prevention in high-risk areas
  • Risk event monitoring and analysis
  • Emergency warning for the affected people

Interim monitoring and intervention

  • Empowering emergency departments to manage major emergency incidents
  • Visual remote real-time monitoring, commanding and decision-making
  • Realizing emergency information integration, overall planning, coordination and supervision

Ex-post analysis and evaluation

  • Continuously tracking and monitoring the flow of people in the affected area
  • Evaluating the effect of emergency warning based on the real-time population change trend
  • Determining whether to send a second warning and safety precautions

Application scenario

Extreme weather warning
  • Warning on blind zone in scenic spot and dangerous road sections
  • Warning on chemical plant explosion/water pollution/affected area
  • SMS/flash message warning notification
Rescue assistance
  • Regional personnel analysis and flow monitoring
  • Accurate positioning and outbound call of the affected people
  • Rescue information notification in the affected area
  • Rescue decision analysis and support::
Emergency monitoring
  • High-risk area detection and warning
  • Monitoring and warning of flow of customer/people

Customer success case

The emergency management department of a city adopts the emergency service platform

The emergency center of a municipal meteorological bureau used the emergency service platform in July 2020. In a sudden rainstorm at 3 am, the SMS warning was issued to 560,000 people within 3 minutes

  • 56w people Early warning successfully reached
The emergency rescue dispatch and command platform of a region

It provides support for management personnel to allocate rescue workers in a reasonable and dynamic manner, and focuses on areas that may suffer from natural disasters in the future in combination with weather forecast data

  • 10w Emergency dispatch for monitoring
Introduction of special application scenarios in a scenic spot

The security management and control module of the integrated management platform supports the following functions: Diversion/security monitoring/emergency management of places with hidden dangers

  • 3w tourists Reminding at the crowding entrance of Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Park that there are more than

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