By applying years of operating experience in AISWare MCP in digital form and integrating campaign operation data, the extracted general scenarios are formed into systematic operation solutions to provide marketing capabilities for upstream and downstream companies, and empower their campaign operation capability.

Product superiority

Product value


Standard version access to support rapid deployment of private servers

  • Provide software in standard version to respond to core functional applications after rapid deployment. Provide standard interface protocols to align with peripheral systems.

Standard campaign for integrated operation

  • Guide the campaign operation by clear, unified and standard marketing system to realize integrated operation for business lines. Launch campaigns with simple and convenient configuration in a few minutes to directly reduce third-party redevelopment costs.

Meet the needs of customization development by standard components + plug-ins

  • Output a set of design specifications by analyzing the commonalities and abstracting the same modules of campaigns. Achieve rapid template output by a public component library built on the abstract implementation at system coding level. Meet all kinds of customization needs by combining standard components and custom development plug-ins to cover more scenarios.

Online skin switch to meet the marketing needs in various scenarios

  • Replace the backgrounds, buttons and other elements of campaign homepage base on festivals or scenarios to achieve online skin switch to meet more customized UI needs.

Application scenario

Attract new customers
  • Attract traffic and new customers at low costs
  • Friend-based fission marketing
  • High concurrency mechanism of system
  • Guaranteed data security
User activation
  • Reward benefits to new and old customers
  • Cultivate user habits
  • Spontaneously spread and form reputation
  • Increase daily activation and stickiness of user
Marketing conversion
  • Seize the hot spots of festival activities
  • Special offers such as lucky draw, bargaining and group purchase
  • Efficiently attract customers to stimulate consumption
  • Reduce communication costs and improve sales conversion
Brand communication
  • Embed brand elements in campaigns
  • Enhance users’ awareness of the brand

Customer success case

The Internet promotion management system building project of a large state-owned bank

A set of two-way campaign operation release management system between head office and branch was built in the bank by making full use of the original core product capabilities of AISWare MCP, including template configuration, prize inventory management, capital loss monitoring, etc., and the digital transformation of the bank was carried out with the rich templates in order to attract more users inside and outside the bank.

  • 80% YOY increase of daily activation during campaign
A funny game interaction project in Chongqing

Through online fun interactive games, the followers of WeChat official account were increased significantly during the campaign, and the activation of followers was improved. Based on private domain traffic of WeChat, the game activities were reposted by followers in large numbers, which effectively increased brand exposure.

  • 60% YOY increase of new followers during campaign