AISWare Onta KG

AISWare Onta KG is a one-stop full-process knowledge computing platform based on “big data + AI”, with its capabilities covering the full stack core links of knowledge ontology building, knowledge extraction and fusion, knowledge reasoning, and knowledge application. It is devoted to providing industry customers with the ability to build and apply knowledge graphs throughout the life cycle

Product superiority

Product value


Inclusiveness of knowledge graph technology

  • Integrated knowledge graph building
  • Lowering the threshold of knowledge graph development
  • Improving the efficiency of graph building

Promoting to realize the value of big data

  • Graph-based data processing flow
  • Replacing industry professionals to explore the value of data
  • Strongly supporting the realization of the value of big data

Boosting the intelligent upgrading of industry

  • Empowering the machine industry with cognitive competence
  • Improving industry production efficiency
  • Saving labor cost

Empowering business by knowledge value

  • Simplifying data relationships
  • Improving analysis accuracy
  • Improving query timeliness
  • Turning value of data into the value of knowledge

Application scenario

  • Identifying anti-money laundering
  • Screening fraud risks
  • Credit analysis of credit/consumer loan
  • Corporate risk control
  • Customer group location statistics
  • Precision grid marketing
  • Business location analysis
  • Enterprise service support
Public safety
  • Public opinion and hot issue analysis
  • Security posture
  • Epidemic prevention and control
  • Emergency plan for sudden disaster
Automotive energy
  • Standard codes think tank search
  • Grid equipment graph
  • Automobile standard graph

Customer success case

AISWare Onta KG helps an automotive research company realize smart retrieval of automotive files

AISWare Onta KG extracts and refines the national standard files of new energy vehicles into a knowledge base of standards and codes, which can professionally and accurately demonstrate the correlation between automotive standards, so as to provide effective support for the visualization, intelligent search, intelligent Q&A and other applications of automotive standards.

  • 150% The work efficiency is increased by
  • 60% research cost is reduced by
AISWare Onta KG helps an operator realize the traceability analysis of complaints

AISWare Onta KG takes advantage of knowledge graphs to realize intelligent response to customer complaints, real-time identification of hot issues, recommendation of handling measures, and analysis of the cause of problem, thereby ensuring high-quality and efficient support for front-end business problems, back-end complaint handling, and complaint drawdown analysis.

  • 200% Business handling efficiency is increased by
  • 80% and customer complaint rate is reduced by
AISWare Onta KG helps a radio and TV group implement a media resource recommendation system

AISWare Onta KG can conduct real-time crawling of hot issues in news to extract an event graph, and combine the existing film and television knowledge graph and the portrait of personal user ratings to intelligently recommend the corresponding media resources. It acts as a very effective reference and support for the company to analyze and recommend the schedule of film and television resources.

  • 50% The video-on-demand rate is increased by
  • 80% work scheduling efficiency is increased by

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