AISWare IPU is a complete set of mobile application platform product system independently developed by AsiaInfo. As a middle-ground tool product for mobile apps, IPU provides full-process services of cloud, management, and terminal for the development, operations, and operating of mobile applications.

Product superiority

Product value


Supporting APP development

  • Based on IPU, high-quality mobile apps and mobile business functions can be quickly launched, thereby seizing market opportunities and enhancing market competitiveness of enterprises.

Establishing mobile ecosystem

  • Based on the mobile APP ecosystem built by IPU for customers, enterprises are supported to access to the cloud, customers get assistance to uniformly operate and control all mobile applications of enterprises, so that enterprises are empowered to enhance their competitiveness.

Transforming APP development model

  • From the traditional development model (APP development through multi-role collaboration of Android engineer, iOS engineering and server engineering) to the IPU-based development model (only developed by Java engineers), the technical threshold is reduced, the development efficiency is increased by 50-70%, and the capabilities of high-value employees of enterprises are aggregated and reused.

Application scenario

Rapid development of mobile APP
  • Providing development frameworks and tools such as online documentation, Demo project, automated packaging, etc., so that developers only need to focus on business realization instead of mobile technologies, so as to quickly develop cross-platform (Android, iOS) enterprise-level applications
Enterprise-level application integration
  • Integrating multiple mobile applications of an enterprise into one, and realizing unified control of applications at the menu level through configuration, which helps enterprises achieve fast and flexible online and offline and unified management of mobile application services.
Support of refined operating
  • Proactive obtaining and analyzing mobile APP information in a timely manner, and realizing the management of users’ behaviors at mobile end to support refined operating management, such as page performance, layout, path optimization, user experience, and early warning of abnormal performance.
Creation of enterprise-level application ecosystem
  • Supporting large enterprise customers to build and complete the mobile application ecosystem, and providing systematic services at all levels of cloud, management, and terminal for enterprise mobile apps, including: Rapid development of system; unified integrated control system of APP; an operating system that conveniently empowers mobile applications with news push, behavior analysis and other capabilities; standardized automated packaging release, deployment, and monitoring-based early warning and operations monitoring system.

Customer success case

Building application ecology and multi-level control architecture through IPU

Project background: In mid-2018, a provincial level APP was directly “fetched” by the group to promote and use across the country, and the following problems appeared: Huge volume of APP, proliferation of useless resources, poor interactive experience, the client update affected the use, the difficulty of access to the personalized needs of provinces, etc. Therefore, it was urgent to introduce the two-level structure of the group and the province to rationally plan the group’s public capability and the personalized application of provinces.Effect: After careful considerations, the customer decided to adopt the architecture transformation plan provided by IPU products in January 19, and introduced super client + application management platform of IPU. In July 2019, the new version of application was launched online, with significant improvements in experience, functions, efficiency, and promotion.As of April 2020, the new version of application has supported the access of personalized special areas for 13 provinces, with 200,000+ daily active users and an average daily business volume of 50,000+.

  • 200,000+ daily active users
  • 50,000+ an average daily business volume of

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