AISWare IoT-DMP takes device access as the core, device service awareness as the basis, and combines the edge computing capabilities of the device to develop capabilities such as systematic information collection, remote control, and device management and monitoring. The effective integration of “device, platform, and cloud” will support the efficient management, operating, and operations of IoT devices, and ultimately achieve effective support for IoT services.

Product superiority

Product value


Supporting various application scenarios of IoT

  • Providing IoT device access, management, operations and operating management to support the service development of various application scenarios of IoT.

Supporting emerging service development and industry application exploration of telecom operators

  • Smart homes, wireless base station monitoring, IoV operation, etc. require access and management of a large number of home terminals and base station sensors.

Effectively leading the segmentation and extensive development of vertical industries

  • The development of smart cities, smart energy, smart logistics and other industries all require the support of the access of networked device and management platforms.

New formats and models supporting smart industry

  • The Industrial Internet needs to support a large number of devices, sensors, and meters to access the Internet as a basis to realize new formats and new models of intelligent industries, including intelligent production, networking collaboration, personalized customization, and service-oriented extension.

Application scenario

Smart community
  • Connecting and controlling IoT devices in the smart community through AISWare IoT-DMP: Access control device, camera device, parking space device, street lighting device, broadcasting device, and fire device form scenarios such as smart access control, smart environmental protection, smart parking, and smart fire alarms.
Smart elderly care
  • With AISWare IoT-DMP, IoT devices for smart elderly care can be connected and controlled to provide a smart elderly care service model of “system + service + the elderly + terminal” for healthy elderly care, covering various forms of elderly care such as institutional elderly care, home elderly care, and community day care, and provide services such as physical condition, safety status and daily activities for the elderly.
Smart park
  • Connecting and controlling IoT devices in the smart park through AISWare IoT-DMP: Access control device, waterway device, parking space device, and fire device form scenarios such as smart access control, smart environmental protection, smart parking, and smart fire alarms.
Smart transportation
  • With AISWare IoT-DMP, IoT devices for smart transportation can be connected and controlled to provide a smart transportation service model of “vehicle + road + people + terminal” for smart cities, covering various transportation facilities such as networked vehicles, traffic lights, roadblock, etc., and provide services such as mobile travel and vehicle flow monitoring for smart transportation.
Smart Internet of vehicle
  • With AISWare IoT-DMP, remote monitoring, setting adjustments, software upgrades, system upgrades, troubleshooting, life cycle management and other functions are performed on the terminal. The monitoring and alarm feedback of gateway and application status are also provided in real time, and the open API call interface helps customers easily carry out system integration and value-added function development; all device data can be stored in the cloud.
Smart factory
  • With AISWare IoT-DMP, industrial basic service support capabilities are provided, which can serve application scenarios in various vertical industries; device management DMP is accessed to enhance device access, data management, data services and other capabilities; platform operation is realized to improve the efficiency of operation and management, so as to build an efficient digital smart factory.
Smart construction site
  • With AISWare IoT-DMP, the intelligent control of site electricity resources is realized in order to save energy and reduce costs; the real-time monitoring of the operation status of the tower crane and the crossover operation of several tower cranes is realized to help the on-site construction personnel operate the tower cranes in a safe manner; sensing equipment is used to monitor the environmental data of the construction site in real time.

Customer success case

AISWare IoT-DMP builds an vehicle-mounted terminal management platform

The platform is a management platform for vehicle-mounted devices, which integrates device manufacturers, 4S stores, after-sales, telecom operators and third-party CP/SP resources, fleets, vehicle owners, etc., and fully covers the upstream and downstream parties in the industry chain. It provides digital services for C-end users; makes core capabilities available to B-end customers and empowers partners; provides G-end customers with traffic data and snapshot of traffic violation.

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