AISWare Hyperview

AISWare Hyperview is a set of tools for the production, display and distribution of VR panorama content. Based on the researches on 3D and VR/AR technologies, the product helps companies to quickly produce multimedia contents that support 720°VR panorama, multi-scenario switching, and audio & video embedding. With the product, companies can provide end customers with supports for product promotion, scenario introduction, cultural education, training, and interactive sales to create an immersive interactive experience through VR.

Product superiority

Product value


Scenario building for starters

  • Even starters can quickly get started and efficiently build 3D visualized scenarios
  • Compatible with mainstream commercial cloud services, IoT services, hardware and terminal services
  • Standardized interfaces can adapt to various established business systems, reducing the difficulty of system transformation

Low cost and fast delivery

  • The lightweight platform reduces the requirements for the required infrastructure resources, and lowers the threshold for customers’ investment in construction
  • Efficient product mix display and one-click flexible launching and removal reduce operating costs for companies
  • Supports such as providing industry templates and materials to production staff are available so as to achieve low-cost delivery

Remote immersive experience

  • Allowing customers to experience remotely, which breaks geographical and time constraints, and gains a bigger market
  • Realizing online real display of products, and enabling users to stay longer with 720° panoramic display
  • Realizing business data analysis, chart visualization, and real-time data based on big data to facilitate the decision-making of merchants

Multi-terminal distribution and dissemination

  • Adaptable to dissemination on all terminals, including WeChat/Weibo and other domestic and foreign social media sharing
  • Connecting online and offline to fully empower precision advertising, online traffic attraction and promotion of goods sales, resource sharing, etc.
  • Focusing on application scenarios to establish a small and micro ecosystem for constructors, managers, operators and social service providers

Application scenario

Party building history
  • Party building history — Online party building education exhibition hall, which greatly changes the traditional party building education ideas, keeps up with the pace of the times, and transforms traditional party and government publicity into an interactive and immersive experience-based education model
Enterprise promotion
  • The online exhibition hall of enterprise allows people to immediately grasp the product dynamics of enterprises without leaving home and conduct professional technical exchanges with enterprises, which facilitates the external promotion of the brands of enterprises

Customer success case

Assisting a tourist area in Chongqing to create a 3D visualized analysis of visitors flow rate

Based on the existing historical system, HyperView 3D visualization has completed the integration of 3D visualization functions in almost zero-intrusion manner. The entire visualization solution was integrated in the form of SDK, achieving the functions including 3D model rendering, data loading, GIS information loading, and rich and complete API. It also provides the corresponding local area network geoserver function for customers with special needs in the network environment, which can be easily deployed with one click through the docker container technology.

Assisting an operator to realize 3D visualized management of computer room

A 3D model of the data center computer room has been built by means of 3D modeling visualization technology and Internet of Things technology to connect with equipment and systems in the computer room in real time, and visually display the 3D model, real-time data, alarms, etc. on the large screen, which realizes virtual sand table and digital twin of the data center. The management level of the data center computer room is thereby improved, the display methods enriched, and the response speed accelerated.

Assisting a property company to realize 3D building visualized management

With the rapid development of the IOT, a property company hoped to conduct intelligent management on people and vehicles in buildings to reduce manual management costs, so that a security monitoring platform has been used to identify and track personnel to achieve intelligent security. The 3D building visualized management makes use of 3D visualization technology to realize the visualization of building, energy consumption, smart access control and security, smart parking, etc.

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