AISWare GateKeeper

Based on the AI core algorithm capabilities such as “face recognition and live detection” independently developed by AsiaInfo, AISWare GateKeeper relies on advanced intelligent hardware to build a smart access solution with “face-based access” as the core, integrating “personnel access, face-based lift access control, face-based attendance system, VIP greeting and visitor management” and other application scenarios into one.

Product superiority

Product value


A reliable one-stop solution

  • 1 Platform + N terminals, based on smart terminal and smart access platform to enable people to efficiently connect with smart terminal,
  • realize no-sense access and improve access experience

Diversified access modes to adapt to various scenarios

  • Eight accessing ways including face, body temperature measurement, QR code, password, etc.
  • Accurately identifying accessing objects, which is safe and reliable

Simplifying the visitor authorization process

  • Fast registration of faces improves registration efficiency.
  • Online management of visitor access control authority

Cost decreasing and benefit increasing for enterprises

  • Enhancing human-based and institutionalized management of enterprises
  • Easily realizing real-name authentication,face attendance, and personnel management

Application scenario

Smart campus
  • Improving access efficiency
  • Guarding against strangers
  • Protecting students
Smart building
  • 1 platform + N terminals
  • Realizing no-sense access
  • Optimizing user experience and enhancing corporate image
Smart community
  • Residents access by face recognition to create a smart community
  • Convenient access management and visitor registration,
  • Creating a safe and comfortable community environment
Smart power
  • Real-name authentication,face attendance, and personnel management
  • Solving the management chaos of wind farm
  • Improving the technological level and safety of wind farm

Customer success case

AISWare GateKeeper assists a wind farm of State Grid in a province to achieve smart access management

Based on deep learning algorithms and Internet architecture design concepts, the latest software and hardware technology have been applied in close combination with the comprehensive management requirements of the wind farm to install face recognition locks or fingerprint and password locks at important entrances and exits of booster stations and centralized control centers of the wind farm, conducting intelligent identification of operator identity, intelligent door opening, and centralized and flexible control of personnel authority, so as to ensure the entry of qualified personnel, reduce potential safety hazards, and improve the technological level and safety of the wind farm.

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