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The Integrated Corporate Service Platform consists of corporate service platform and service operation platform. Aiming at the needs of the “service-oriented” government, the corporate service platform builds enterprise-level service resources, constructs a unified communication bridge between the enterprise and the government, and provides a one-stop government affairs service platform. Aiming at the needs of the “digital” government, the service operation platform adopts big data technology to deeply explore and analyze all the data on the platform to form visual data charts, and further make scientific decisions on various management matters, provide strong support for back-end operations, and realize data-based operation of services.

Product superiority

Product value


Practicing policy implementation, and fulfilling government and park functions

  • 為國家/部委/Continuing to release the medium and environment for the policies of state/ministries/governments at all levels to promote regional industrial transformation and upgrading

Improving government service capabilities and optimizing business environment

  • Providing advanced, efficient and innovative means for governments at all levels to deepen management, improve service capabilities, and optimize the business environment

Facilitating industrial regulation and transformation, and building innovative ecological resources

  • Carrying out intelligent analysis of industries in the region, further improving the efficiency of resource allocation, and providing data support for industrial development

Accelerating the governmental digital transformation and assisting data-based policy-making

  • Providing governmental functional departments with data-based policy-making services on the basis of big data aggregation, data models, and intelligent algorithms

Application scenario

Corporate service scenarios for government and parks
  • Through effective resource integration, it provides enterprises with one-stop convenient services, realizes “enjoying multiple services within one platform”, and solves policy, information, financial, legal and other issues encountered in the course of business operations

Customer success case

Integrated Corporate Service Platform helps optimize the corporate service efficiency of a certain city

Through effective resource integration, the Big Data Bureau of City Z meets the needs of enterprises for cross-field and multi-level collaboration, integrates relevant service policies of enterprises, and accurately pushes services and policies that match enterprises through the platform. It builds a one-stop “Internet + corporate service” window to realize the upgrading of corporate services from “onsite handling within one time” to “omitting onsite handling”, constructs a smooth communication bridge between enterprises and the government based on corporate demands and direct data reporting, and achieves efficient government-enterprise interworking, thereby optimizing service efficiency and connecting “the last mile” of corporate services.

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