AISWare Data Infrastructure

AISWare Data Infrastructure provides a complete Hadoop technology ecological environment, provides enterprises with the capacity of big data platform storage and computing base integrated with the lake and warehouse, has the integrated management and control capability of management, operation and monitoring, and also provides professional big data operation and maintenance, consulting and other services to help customers build an efficient and safe big data infrastructure platform with cloud native architecture.

Product superiority

Product value


Multiple data type, integrated storage

  • Provide enterprises with unified multi-type massive data storage capabilities, support data lakes and data warehouses, and meet data storage requirements.

Diverse analysis, boost value

  • Fulfill with the demands of data processing request by millisecond-level, second-level and minute-level response time. Provide data analysis and decision-making required for business development.

Maintenance monitoring, health and safety

  • Combine the abilities of maintenance and monitoring and security to operation platform.Supports IPv6 Provide a safe and reliable big data storage and computing platform.

Operation controlling and efficiency improvement

  • Integrate the tenant-oriented allocation and operation capabilities of cluster resources to improve the resource utilization efficiency of the platform.

Application scenario

Data center
  • Lake warehouse integration, batch flow calculation, full-text search, ad hoc analysis
Real time data warehouse
  • Real time storage, CDC collection, real-time warehousing and real-time analysis
Cloud side collaborative computing
  • Cloud edge cluster,cluster management and control,cluster operation and maintenance, cluster security

Customer success case

The big data platform used by a provincial company of the operator

A province uses AsiaInfo data infrastructure platform products to build an enterprise level big data platform, which internally realizes the improvement of data centralized storage, unified resource management and control, cluster operation and maintenance insight, data calculation and analysis, and builds the basic core capacity of big data external realization, thus effectively improving the value of enterprise data.

  • 1k+ A cluster size of
  • 36 tenants
  • 5w+ daily online tasks on average
  • 200w annual cost saved
A centralized big data platform built by a large enterprise

Enterprises build a complete big data service system around the platform, tenants, business, data and other aspects. Support production and operation, and improve management ability and service efficiency.

  • 500+ The cluster scale
  • 36 serves branches
  • 1w+ daily online tasks on average
  • 25% saves storage resources

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