AISWare DataInfrastructure

Based on the complete Hadoop technology ecosystem, AISWare DataInfrastructure provides enterprises with multiple types of data storage, stream batch data calculation, cross-domain and cross-source query, real-time retrieval, data lake management, multi-cluster control, tenant resource allocation, and intelligent auxiliary operations and other technical capabilities, and provides professional big data operations, consultation and other services to help customers build an efficient and safe enterprise-level basic platform of big data.

Product superiority

Product value


Integrated lake and warehouse storage

  • Providing companies with unified multi-type data storage capabilities, supporting the construction of data lakes and data warehouses, and meeting large-scale data storage requirements.

Diversified analysis to achieve values

  • Satisfying data processing requirements from offline processing to online processing (seconds to milliseconds), interactive query, etc., satisfying the data analysis and decision-making for business development of enterprises, and supporting the digital capabilities of enterprises.

Complete system, which is health and safety

  • With a complete platform system of control, operations, monitoring and security, providing an independent, controllable, safe and reliable storage and calculation platform of big data based on open source.

Application scenario

  • Realizing BOM three-domain data storage, supporting multiple types of data storage, building a unified big data warehouse, and meeting the requirements of operators in real-time marketing, user portraits, ad-hoc analysis and other business scenarios;
  • Realizing unified storage of financial industry data based on the data lake solution, realizing the integration of data warehouse and data lake, and supporting scenarios such as smart marketing, intelligent investment consulting, and smart risk control in the financial industry.

Customer success case

The big data platform used by a provincial company of an operator

A basic platform of big data and a big data cluster control and cluster insight platform have been built with DataInfrastructure, introducing the stream processing engine and associated retrieval engine service. Internally, the enhancement of centralized data storage, unified resource control, cluster operations insights, data calculation and analysis and other capabilities has been realized to build the basic core capabilities for external realization of big data, thereby effectively enhancing the value of enterprise data.

  • 1k+ A cluster size of
  • 36 tenants
  • 5w+ daily online tasks on average
  • 200w annual cost saved
A centralized big data platform built by a large enterprise

The enterprise has built a complete big data service system focusing on platforms, tenants, businesses, data, tools, and applications. The system internally supports production and operation, improves management capability and service efficiency, and externally contributes to the digital transformation of the economy and society.

  • 20+ big data service components accessed
  • 10+ standardized access tools
  • 75+ internal and external tenants entered

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