AISWare Data Infra

Centered around the enterprise data elements, AISWare Data Infra provides storage and computing infrastructure capabilities to satisfy the demands of big data analysis in a wide range of business scenarios.

Product superiority

Product value


Multi-Modal Data in Unified Storage

  • Multi-modal data storage for different scales
  • Support for data lakes and data warehouses
  • Unified storage capabilities for various types of massive data

Multi-Engines with Flexibility & Convenience

  • Provide engines for virtual access, lakehouse storage, and real-time analysis
  • Support enhanced concurrent performance and second-level real-time analysis

One-Stop Deployment for Simple Operation

  • One-stop deployment
  • A perfect platform architecture for O&M, monitoring, and security-protection

Open-Source & Compatibility with Autonomy & Controllability

  • Compatible with open-source standards for simple operations
  • Adapted to various CPUs, OS and databases in ICT ecosystem

Application scenario

Data Center for an Enterprise
  • Lakehouse Integration
  • Batch/Stream Processing
  • Full-Text Retrieval
  • Model Training
Real-Time Data Analysis
  • Real-Time Storage
  • CDC Collection
  • Real-Time Inbound
  • Real-Time Analysis

Customer success case

Enterprise-level Big Data Platform

A company utilized AISWare Data Infra to establish an enterprise-level big data platform. Internally, it offers capabilities like centralized data storage, unified resource management, cluster O&M insights, and data computation and analysis. Externally, it enhances big data monetization with boosting data value.

  • 1k+ Cluster Size: 1,000+
  • 5w+ Daily Online Tasks on Average: 50,000+
  • 200w Annual Cost Saved: 2 Million RMB
Lakehouse Integration Platform

A provincial telco has introduced a lakehouse integration architecture with separated storage and computing, enabling data sharing and access between data engines. This has enhanced the unified data management and the real-time data inbound and analysis, supporting various real-time application scenarios.

  • 200 Business Performance Improved: 200%
  • 1/4 Storage Capacity Reduced to: 25%
Upgrades of ICT Software & Hardware

A telco's subsidiary with outdated cluster components required to upgrade through newest version of AsiaInfo products with Huawei Taishan servers and Kylin OS. After business migration, it has built China's first customer service data platform based on Huawei's ARM servers and the cluster operation has been recognized by the customer for its smooth and efficient application

  • 20% Cluster Read/Write Speed Increased: 20%

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