AISWare DataOS

AISWare DataOS focuses on the entire process and full life cycle of data integration, processing, governance, security, and sharing, and further provides professional data middle-ground “steward” services to help enterprises drive innovative growth of their business with data and ensure that their business can achieve continuous and high-quality development.

Product superiority

Product value


Easy access to achieve “popular utilization”

  • Unified processing of all data within the enterprise to form standardized data
  • Exploring the most valuable information for the enterprise to build a database of enterprise data assets
  • Providing consistent and highly available big data services internally and externally

Reshaping data-based operating and decision-making process

  • Providing data connection sharing, data service sharing, data model sharing and other forms of data sharing supplemented by efficient sharing process
  • Building a closed feedback loop with data, algorithms, and products, and establishing a new feedback mechanism

Focusing on data management to enhance value and efficiency

  • Forming “data asset” management system and standards of enterprise through data resource inventory and standardized management
  • Guaranteeing compliance, risk control and value realization in the operating process

Comprehensively improving data openness and security

  • Access security, account login verification mechanism, account system
  • Data processing security, data content truncation, sensitive dynamic desensitization, static desensitization, no impact on association in database
  • Unified log collection, problem monitoring and alarming, full scale data export content analysis, data security scanning, assurance of data production security

Application scenario

Agile collaborative delivery
  • Visual design drawing
  • Realization of multi-person collaboration
  • Global consistency
  • What you see is what you get
Real-time offline development integration
  • CDC acquisition and small file method
  • Sending real-time data production to kafka
  • Storage of real-time data and batch data
  • Co-processing of stream batch data
Systematic model management
  • Establishing an overall model management system
  • Realizing the control over all models
  • Improving model efficiency and forming model knowledge accumulation
  • Shortening the review process
Data distribution and sharing
  • Heavy demand of data sharing
  • Data directory provides comprehensive data services
  • Data directory provides sharing and exchange capability
  • Creating a unified data sharing and exchange center for enterprises
Developing a key indicator system
  • Through strategic goal decomposition and result extraction
  • Developing key KPI indicators for enterprise
  • Monitoring key indicators to generate operational reports
  • Quickly identifying management loopholes and business risks
Integrated operating platform of model
  • Creating the integrated operating platform of model
  • Summarizing model experience
  • Creating a new mode of model co-building and sharing path
  • Realizing the rapid implementation of smart operation best practices

Customer success case

AISWare DataOS helps China Unicom achieve the product line capability output cross B domain and O domain

The original B-domain and O-domain business models are separately constructed, B and O-domain data are unified and combined with business models for rapid and unified development;a. Rapid integration and exchange of centralized multi-domain datab. Centralized control of business modelc. A variety of model coding modes for all types of developers (lowering the threshold)

  • 60+ supporting teams for collaborative work
  • 100w+ management data models
  • 70w+ task operations
AISWare DataOS provides data asset sorting, development control, and data presentation for a transportation and highway research institute

1. Through product deployment, it provides complete data asset sorting methods, forms a standardized hierarchical and domain-specific architecture, and lays the foundation for data asset operation.2. It provides drag-and-drop and integrated development and control platform tools, and improves the efficiency of data asset processing.3. It provides a flexible and efficient portal framework, supports rapid assembly and flexible definition of various indicators, and supports rich visualization methods to generate various reports and graphical analysis applications.

  • 3000+ tasks
  • 60% development efficiency
AISWare DataOS provides a bank with accurate and efficient data positioning and transparent and standardized data management

Establishment of the standard system: Basic classification standards, data authority planning, meta-model standards, data classification standards, and storage rules. Checkinh the influence of data source through data lineage influence analysis, grasping the data flow, and quickly locating the data problem.

  • 5w+ management data models
  • 60% development efficiency

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