AISWare DataGo

Driven by MAD to realize scenario-based data control, AISWare DataGo conducts inventory and assessment according to the current status of data, establishes control methods, releases the data value, promotes knowledge sharing, and makes data more accessible through good governance.

Product superiority

Product value


Meta-model driven management

  • Driven by meta-model, seamless integration of multi-source heterogeneous platforms and unified control of multiple tenants can be achieved.

Innovative data asset management

  • The evolutionary concept has changed from “backward governance” in the 1.0 era to “forward governance” in the 2.0 era, and finally moves towards the intelligent 3.X era

Professional, innovative and intelligent control

  • From the “separated” governance route to the “consistent” one, the three full (full process, full life cycle, and full view) governance model, integrated management (integrating data definition, specification, development, operations, assessment, openness, and running).

Data assetization and monetization

  • Internal data analysis and monitoring + external construction of data products/services/cooperative operations

Application scenario

Data asset control
  • Data inventory and analysis
  • Formulation and implementation of standard systems
  • Traceability management on quality problems
  • Standard word underlining and standard analysis
Data asset operation
  • Enterprise-level data directory 
  • Cross-departmental data sharing
  • Business-oriented data map
  • Panoramic data search
Data asset application
  • Industrial consulting for data governance
  • Integration of data acquisition, storage, management and use
  • Service-based data governance
  • Industrial master data management

Customer success case

AISWare DataGo supports the data asset management of a financial enterprise

By constructing the DataGo metadata management platform, the distribution of enterprise data has been clarified, the contextualized data relationships realized, and the ability to quickly locate data problems and causes achieved, which lays the foundation for realizing data quality management and improvement in the industry and global data traceability.

  • 90% Full metadata coverage is
  • 60% efficiency improved
  • 30+ industry application scenarios are supported
AISWare DataGo supports the construction of the master data platform for a steel company

The master data of the group and its subsidiaries have been managed, the unified data collection, data management, and visual presentation of data completed, and the standard system for the master data of group products, materials, and customers unified, which realizes the unified management of master data, and helps the company reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality.

  • 6 Aligning with
  • 95% mapping completion rate
  • 33+ service interfaces
AISWare DataGo supports the data sharing platform of a power enterprise

An enterprise-level data resource directory has been quickly built based on data inventory technology, and high-value data are open to provincial companies for browsing, application, and downloading, so as to achieve basic goal of “full visibility” of the company’s data resource directory and the “sharing and available” data resource content. The full data resources of the first-level deployment system have been centralized comprehensively to meet the needs of provincial companies for “easy access” to data resources within the scope of their own authorities, and support the innovative applications and innovative development of businesses.

  • 328 business subject directories
  • 2730 table
  • 66908 fields

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