AISWare Data Go

AISWare Data Go is located between the data application layer and the underlying big data platform. It provides one-stop data asset management services to enterprise customers in various industries and helps enterprises achieve digital transformation.

Product superiority

Product value


Multimodal and full link data integration

  • Multi mainstream data platform,Multi mainstream computing engine,Integrated development environment,Improve development efficiency.

Low cost、 high quality data governance

  • Control the development process,Ensure data quality,Best practices of industry level data asset management

Safe and efficient data operation

  • Data precipitation,Knowledge transmission,Compatible and open,Out of the box.

Application scenario

Data asset directory
  • Metadata collection
  • Data resource directory
  • Data service directory
  • Data consanguinity analysis
Data standard management
  • Basic standard 
  • Naming standard
  • Code standard
  • Index standard
Master data management
  • Master data model
  • Master data integration
  • Master data audit
  • Master data service
Data quality management
  • Quality rules
  • Quality engine
  • Quality monitoring
  • Quality problem handling

Customer success case

Data asset management of a financial enterprise

Build a data asset management platform for enterprises based on AISware Data GO, clarify the distribution of enterprise data, realize the venation of data relations, realize the ability to quickly locate data problems and causes, and do a good job in infrastructure construction to improve the quality of enterprise data and create a global data traceability system.

  • 90% Full metadata coverage is
  • 60% efficiency improved
  • 30+ industry application scenarios are supported
Master data governance of a large iron and Steel Group

AISware Data GO provide a unified master data governance platform for this large steel groups. Through the master data standardization governance, the data can be standardized、complete、dependent、 accurate,and readable and understandable to the machine, thus achieve the exchange and sharing of data from all systems of the enterprise.

  • 85% Master data quality proved
  • 100% production efficiency proved
Data sharing platform of a power grid company

Based on the AISware Data GO and the headquarters business system, the three-level data resources of headquarters, provincial companies and municipal companies are fully visible, shared, available, accessible and controllable. Comprehensively sort out the data resource directory of the company's first level system, implement data access and sharing configuration, achieve unified data management and distribution, promote the improvement of the data acquisition capacity of the third level transportation supervision center, and satisfied the data needs of provincial companies in monitoring, analysis and big data application.

  • 90% Proportion of open assets
  • 95% data sharing efficiency proved

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