A set of management support systems for operators’ network cloud platforms (including: supporting cloud, government and enterprise cloud, communication cloud), providing operators with centralized management and centralized monitoring of cloud resource pools. Based on multi-cloud management, AsiaInfo’s AISWare CMP-N focuses on unified operation, unified operations, and centralized monitoring capabilities to conduct unified management on multiple heterogeneous network cloud resource pools, including cloud platforms based on VMware, OpenStack and other technologies. The unified management can greatly reduce the difficulty for operators to use many network clouds, edge clouds, and private clouds, thereby improving operations efficiency, ensuring operating quality, and reducing operating costs.

Product superiority

Product value


Business accessing to cloud

  • The outbreak of edge cloud driven by 5G has continuously enriched cloud resource pools, and multi-cloud management is necessary for the unified management of portals and shielding heterogeneous cloud operation differences

Unified operations

  • Unified management, unified presentation and comparative analysis of cloud resource performance monitoring; integrated monitoring of physical equipment, and end-to-end panoramic operations

Cost decreasing and benefit increasing

  • Real-time monitoring of resource utilization, timely detection of inefficient resources, real-time recovery of idle resources, and reasonable definition of cloud resource usage specifications.

Business process standardization

  • Standardizing the process of using cloud resources, automating the application, change, and tape-out of cloud resources, and improving the efficiency of business processes

Application scenario

Multi-cloud management
  • Unified management
  • Unified operation
  • Unified collection
  • Unified monitoring

Customer success case

An operator

AsiaInfo built a multi-cloud management platform for an operator to provide unified management capabilities, which greatly reduces the difficulty for the operator to use many network clouds, edge clouds, and private clouds, improves operations efficiency, guarantees operation quality, and reduces operating costs.

  • 35% OPEX is reduced by

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