AISWare CloudOS

AISWare CloudOS realizes unified management, unified scheduling, unified operations and operating of heterogeneous resources under the unified architecture model based on the capability of hybrid multi-cloud management, and provides a unified cloud computing resource access interface and a unified application operating environment for upper-level applications on this basis to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

Product superiority

Product value


Unified multi-cloud environment

  • Helping transform traditional IT architecture to cloud architecture
  • Helping enterprises solve the difficulty of unified management of applications when using a multi-cloud environment
  • Improving the efficiency of cloud access, and reducing the cost of using the cloud.

Unified services

  • Cloud services at the abstraction platform layer provide capabilities such as service directory and orchestration
  • The work order flow engine method is adopted to schedule the use of specific cloud services according to usage rules and meet the capabilities of using cloud services on demand.

Rapid integration into cloud native

  • Not only multiple cloud services can be managed, but cloud-native technical services can be built based on these cloud services
  • Helping applications quickly build cloud native capabilities

Flexibility and balance

  • Achieving greater improvements on the basis of public clouds and private clouds
  • Enterprises can manage speed and security more effectively, and reduce latency with hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

Application scenario

Unified management of heterogeneous resources
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Storage
  • IBM minicomputer
  • Network
Unified operations and unified operating
  • Multi-platform centralized monitoring and alarming, unified operations of resource pools, automatic deployment of applications, and scenarizing and automation of operations scenarios
  • Through multi-cloud core scheduling capabilities, combining with intelligent cost operation management analysis and intelligently selecting accessed cloud services based on workloads to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

Customer success case

CE Cloud

Relying on China Electronics’ leading network information industry and technology capabilities, dispersed resources are aggregated through the unified architecture of AsiaInfo’s CloudOS. With multi-cloud management capabilities, the dispersed corporate resources, services and capabilities are aggregated to promote the digital transformation of CE Cloud, enabling CECloud to have full-stack capabilities for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, and assist CE Cloud to build an open, innovative, and collaborative business model and ecosystem, providing customers with safe, reliable and evolving cloud full-scenario solutions with independent operating and intelligent operations.

  • 40% reduction in cloud cost input
  • 55% increase in cloud service management efficiency
  • 45% increase in resource utilization

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