AISWare Billing

AISWare billing is a collection of products with billing components as the core, including a variety of extension capabilities, supporting flexible billing, multi-party settlement and end-user account management based on the usage of products and services, which meet the needs of telecom operators, vertical industry customers and IoT customers.

Functional architecture

Product strengths

  • Billing Busines Suite

    It meets the needs of subscription billing, rental billing, and content billing in different industries.

  • Application Management Suite

    It supports various platforms and quality improvement tools for efficient operation of the billing system.

  • Billing Product Core

    It supports the core capabilities of billing system operation, with high fault tolerance, high availability, and elastic scalability.

  • Billing Governance Suite

    It manages and monitors data such as reports and logs to support the stable operation of the system.

  • Revenue and Risk Control Suite

    It audits the data consistency such as cash flow in the system, analyzes and recovers error CDRs, and reduces the risk of customer revenue leakage.

  • Billing Fundamental Platform Framework

    The framework provides service-based support capabilities for billing applications, and provides a flexible and scalable basic technology platform in the form of services.


AISWare Billing is widely used in telecom, cable, transportation and other industries, providing real-time, convenient and highly efficient billing services for hundred million subscribers.

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