AISWare AntDB-Relational Database

AISWare AntDB is a scalable, multi-tenant, high-availability, high-performance, low-cost, domestic independent, secure and reliable, distributed financial-grade large-scale parallel processing relational database product created by AsiaInfo Technologies. Adopting MPP architecture, it integrates transaction processing and online analysis operations, with advanced data governance and data security features, to support billion-level users, and provide petabyte-level data volume processing capabilities, highly compatible with Oracle features.

Functional architecture

Product advantage

  • Computing and storage separation system architecture

    The standard shared-nothing design and efficient network data exchange algorithms make it possible to build high-performance clusters even with inexpensive equipment; computing and storage can be scaled independently as needed, and distributed storage and distributed load balancing can be achieved through automated sharding technology.

  • Industry's original multi-modal SQL parsing engine

    The customer can customize the extended multi-syntax SQL analysis engine design, which is compatible with the ecology. A set of databases can process SQL statements of multiple databases, reducing the customer's learning costs. The switching of the SQL analysis engine takes effect dynamically without restarting the database; it supports three access modes: service mode, connection mode and statement mode, with the ultimate experience of flexibility and ease of use.

  • Strong consistency design of financial data transparent to application

    Native distributed database design, the application gets the experience of using a stand-alone database in a distributed scenario; the innovative ”microservice“design of the database kernel implements the three core services of transaction management, computing, and storage; applications can smoothly and transparently complete the database migration ; Financial-grade data security guarantees that data will not be lost and error-free.


AISWare AntDB has served 20+ large and medium-sized customers in the telecommunications industry and the postal industry. The online effect has been highly recognized by users, and has maintained zero fault operation so far. It has successively won honors such as independent innovation products of China Electronics and Information Industry Federation, and financial-grade database certification of CAICT.