AISWare AISP-Intelligent Security All-in-One Machine

AsiaInfo intelligent security All-in-One machine is a set of edge-side products for small and medium-sized civil security and intelligent management scenarios. It can analyze video content in real time, automatically detect abnormal information, actively carry out risk prevention and control, and provide integrated hardware and software delivery forms. It could serve in scenarios such as schools, communities, and factories with intelligent services based on AI recognition models, such as stranger detection, fire recognition, garbage recognition, etc.

Function Architecture

Product strengths

  • Wide application scenarios

    Various security application scenarios such as buildings, communities, parks, schools, hospitals, power plants, factories, and construction sites supported. Access to IP cameras of various brands supported.

  • Rich intelligent services

    Black and white list management, strangers alarm, and fire detection or trashcan overflow status, elevator-door open status alarm, also pedestrian / vehicle trajectory analysis and other intelligent functions were provided.

  • Cost-effective

    Single server supports 16-64 portrait video / picture stream mixed access. Each camera can enable up to 20 recognition capabilities concurrently.

  • High concurrency

    The intelligent security All-in-One machine adopts a hybrid scheduling and task scheduling scheme of CPU and GPU resources, which effectively solves the technical problem of concurrently loading / enabling dozens of security models on edge devices with limited resources.

  • Excellent recognition algorithm

    Intelligent algorithm with high capture rate, high accuracy, and low false alarm rate; the recognition range, recognition angle, and recognition quantity have stronger multi-scene adaptive ability.

  • Rapid expansion

    Based on converged architecture, pre-integrated and pre-tuned software and hardware. Supports HA clusters, adopts a new distributed parallel computing architecture, and can scale horizontally to thousands of nodes, forming powerful computing and processing capabilities.

  • Easy to deploy

    The device has low power consumption (240W), small size (half U), low noise, and supports multiple connection methods of wired, wireless and LTE, plug and play, without the need for a special computer room environment. Out of the box, it is easy to deploy, just plug in, connect to the network, start up and other simple steps to get started.


AsiaInfo intelligent security products are widely used in security applications. For example, smart community (fire recognition, elevator door closed state recognition, vehicle on lane recognition, trash can overflow recognition, etc.), smart business hall (passenger traffic statistics, VIP customer recognition, hot spot area analysis, customer dynamic line recognition, etc.) , Smart computer room (identification of network port idle state, identification of remaining space in the cabinet, detection of long-term personnel retention, intrusion detection of core area personnel, etc.).