AISWare AIoT Edge

AISWare AIoT Edge provides all-round and all-scenario IoT edge computing capabilities such as fast access, intelligence, and light weight. It creates a one-stop service for IoT equipment integration, application development and scenario operation. Combining 5G, AI and other technical capabilities, it provides customers with an intelligent ecosystem of the Internet of everything, and realizes effective support for IOT services.

Product superiority

Product value


Internet of Everything

  • It connects a large number of IoT equipment to build a digital and intelligent base, serving as an indispensable infrastructure for “new infrastructure”;

All things intelligent

  • Based on the IoT, it utilizes cloud computing, blockchain, AR/VR and other emerging technologies in combination with AI capabilities to expand application fields, promote the implementation of various scenarios in the smart industry, and create a smart ecosystem;

All things innovative

  • It provides a building block-style and visual IoT development system to quickly build IoT applications, and flexibly construct IoT scenarios, which is a productivity tool for achieving ecological innovation, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of IoT.

All things empowered

  • Based on device access, relying on emerging technologies, and taking low code as the link, it develops with the aim to fully meet various business scenarios and business applications at all levels, realize data empowerment and reflect the value of data.

Application scenario

Smart building
  • Smart security
  • Indoor positioning
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Smart access control
  • Smart monitoring
Smart park
  • Smart security
  • Smart routing inspection
  • Smart monitoring
  • Visual map
  • Smart navigation
Smart factory
  • Smart security
  • Smart routing inspection
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Smart access control
  • Visual map
  • Smart navigation

Customer success case

A company’s production project of centralized collection of wireless network

A company’s production project of centralized collection of wireless network realizes the immediate addressing of personnel, personnel statistics, historical routes, electronic fences, personnel navigation, and real-time alarms on the nuclear island.

  • second level Positioning information delay rate
  • cm-level positioning accuracy
A company’s multi-mode and multi-scenario integrated smart energy project

A park data acquisition system has been developed and deployed to collect EMS energy data to the integrated smart energy control platform for unified control. Based on the smart middle-ground technology, the enterprise-level general application capabilities and the basic capabilities of the control platform that can be configured in “configuration mode” and smoothly expanded in multiple scenarios have been integrated, and various comprehensive energy monitoring sub-modules have been developed to create an overall smart energy control platform. The comprehensive monitoring, smart monitoring, and smart analysis of the park are realized through the overall smart energy control platform.

  • 100% Accuracy rate of monitoring data
  • 30% cost reduction
The intelligent park project of an industrial park

The project required the realization of equipment ledger management under equipment management capabilities, EBA online monitoring, smart routing inspection, inspection and maintenance tasks, and equipment operation reports, so as to realize the empowerment of smart park.

  • 40% The efficiency is increased by
  • 30% the cost is reduced by
V2X cloud control platform project in a province

The project required the establishment of a vehicle-road collaborative cloud control platform (for government and enterprise), including the government service capabilities and enterprise service capabilities of vehicle-road collaboration, to achieve smart environmental sanitation, autonomous driving, smart emergency dispatch and other demands.

  • 4000+ equipment
  • 100% effective data rate
The intelligent building project of a domestic property

The property is affiliated with 15 property management companies, with a management area exceeding 12 million square meters. The project includes the security, smart power operations, etc. of CITIC-related buildings of CITIC Property Management

  • 40% Cost reduction
  • 100% data accuracy rate

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