Based on the AI models, focusing on the three major directions of quality assurance, cost management and efficiency improvement, AISWare AIOps builds reusable and evolvable O&M learnwares, oriented to intelligent solutions for the entire process of fault detection, diagnosis, self-healing, prevention and intelligent decision-making, intelligent Q&A, capacity planning, resource optimization and some other cases. AISWare AIOps provides external capabilities in the form of Open API, supporting the rapid settlement of AIOps requirements, simplifying the docking process, and reducing the intelligentization cost.

Function Architecture

Product strengths

  • Intelligentization

    Build O&M Learnware by customized AI model, and provide AIOps capability engine.

  • Contextualization

    Realize the rapid settlement of AIOps requirements and solve practical O&M problems through O&M Learnware .

  • Componentization

    Simplify the integration process and reduce the intelligentization cost, due to loosely-coupled O&M Learnware, callable through Open API.

  • Integration

    Achieve AIOps capability support through the combination of platform and Learnware, and provide integrated services of Learnware construction, opening, optimization and management.


AISWare AIOps has been widely used in the intelligent O&M practice of many telecom operators, and achieved good results. In 2019, it won the Outstanding Catalyst Award of TMF Asia Summit, and Cross-domain Intelligent Alarm Root Cause Analysis and some other cases were included in the GSMA AI in Network Use Cases Report and published on its portal.