AISWare AIMap provides an enterprise-level GIS platform that is secure, inclusive, lightweight, easy-to-use, and able to deploy private cloud for smart cities and industrial Internet. It can be used for unified command and coordination of space scenarios such as planning and construction, urban services, business development, customer operations, investment decision-making, asset management, and mobile travel. The product offers capabilities such as diversified expression and high-performance rendering of geographic big data, intelligent spatial address search and matching engine, and intelligent identification and extraction of image data of geographic features to satisfy various requirements for intelligent GIS capabilities of customers.

Product superiority

Product value


Enterprise-level GIS platform

  • Provide expert GIS capabilities
  • Realize intensive and standardized governance on the underlying spatial data
  • Realize the spatial data management and secure sharing mechanism under the network-wide data scale

Global spatial data center

  • Provide national POI data and scenario data such as highway, high-speed rail, universities, residential communities, commercial buildings, scenic spots and business districts
  • Provide collection, governance, data mining and management functions of spatial data

Create a new ecology of spatial data

  • Positioned to provide basic data capabilities and create a data service ecosystem
  • Taking efficient support for business based on mass spatial data as the core value, build a spatial data warehouse of a group at big data level

Facilitate the operation of 5G smart city

  • Build a nationwide and continuously enriched basic geographic data, and improve timeliness and refinement
  • Form a basic data entry that meets the needs of network intelligent operation through the establishment of scenario-based data and unified external data services

Application scenario

Communication network construction
  • Site planning
  • Value operation
  • Network coverage quality
  • Engineering construction query
Market development and operation
  • Statistics of customer group location
  • Precision grid-based marketing
  • Business location analysis
  • Enterprise service support
Smart city operation
  • Spatio-temporal information sharing
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart park
  • Smart urban emergency response

Customer success case

AISWare AIMap helps a telecommunications company build an enterprise-level GIS platform

The AIMap platform deployed by the customer realizes the intensive and standardized governance on the underlying spatial data through the spatio-temporal data center, and realizes the co-construction and sharing of data; the GIS application and capability platform are integrated into the big data pool of the Group and registered in the DCOOS in a unified manner, in order to upgrade and transform the GIS components and platform architecture in accordance with the PaaS platform standards, and complete the system upgrading of the Group in a unified and orderly manner. The various intelligent GIS capability requirements of customers are met while the security of the system is guaranteed, which has been highly recognized by the customer.

  • 500% Application development efficiency is increased
  • 60% conversion cost is reduced
AISWare AIMap provides a comprehensive solution of smart transportation for a provincial traffic administration

AsiaInfo’s one-stop integrated solution for smart transportation adopts information technology to solve road congestion, establish a complete urban transportation network planning, an integrated emergency response and accident rescue mechanism, and realize real-time monitoring and management of roads and vehicles. Several solutions including high-speed congestion forecasting and diversion platform, transportation hub monitoring and analysis platform, intelligent vehicle networking platform, and intelligent ETC have been successively developed for customers.

  • 30% Traffic congestion rate is reduced
  • 200% efficiency is increased
AISWare AIMap helps the emergency management agency of a certain city build a comprehensive emergency management system

Relying on AsiaInfo's AISWare AIMap and AISWare BigData, the customer made use of 5G+AI+ drone technology to realize instant detection and synchronous warning of urban emergencies and accidents, and intelligently provide and optimize emergency response plans. The system serves public security, fire protection, environmental protection, emergency response, water conservancy and hydropower and other sectors and fields, greatly improving the efficiency of urban emergency response, and effectively protecting the personal and property safety of people and enterprises. AsiaInfo has also been praised and recognized by relevant departments.

  • 500% Emergency response efficiency is increased
  • 200% comprehensive resource scheduling capability is increased by

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