AISWare PaaS

AISWare PaaS is a technology-neutral PaaS platform providing technical support for cross-industry business applications. The platform mainly consists of 20+ technical service components such as micro-service system support, flexible computing service support, multiple technical service support, and operations observability service support. These technical components are integrated through the portal to provide a complete and powerful technical base for the development and operation of upper-level applications, and provide users with a one-stop application deployment and operations hosting platform.

Product superiority

Product value


Improving resource utilization and reducing resource costs

  • With the elastic computing platform, resources can be used and recycled on demand, which improves the efficiency of resource use and reduces resource costs.

Comprehensively improving development efficiency

  • Providing a one-stop development and operations environment for applications, improving development efficiency, reducing development costs, and speeding up business launch based on a unified development framework and middleware technology.

Assisting the digital operation of customers

  • Accelerating the digital transformation process of users through the introduction of technology platforms, boosting business development with technologies, and supporting digital operation of enterprises.

Application scenario

Technical middle-ground building
  • Based on AISWare PaaS, a technical middle-ground can be established based on different components such as service framework, various technical middleware, and elastic computing platform to provide the business with technical support capabilities for on-demand application and consumption;
Construction of container-based elastic computing platform
  • Through AISWare PaaS, an elastic computing platform can be built to provide capabilities such as resource management, resource scheduling, application orchestration, and application lifecycle management;
Access of heterogeneous framework microservice
  • Providing unified access capabilities for microservices of different frameworks through AISWare PaaS, and supporting unified invocation and governance of cross-language microservices and applications of different frameworks;

Customer success case

AISWare PaaS helps a provincial operator company build a microservice platform

Based on AISWare PaaS, AsiaInfo has built an enterprise-level microservice platform for the provincial operator to migrate the CRM front-end applications of the operator to an elastic computing platform based on container technology, thus achieving “the cloudification of CRM application”. According to the concept of microservice architecture, the system architecture is decoupled vertically and the internal business logic is horizontally decoupled to provide standardized platform technology capability sharing for various systems, application services and backend processes, including unified service governance, unified cache management, and management and tracking of log call chain, unified data control, etc.

AISWare PaaS helps a provincial operator integrate B/O domains

The provincial mobile operator applied AISWare PaaS product to build a set of overall, cloud, and centralized enterprise-level IT technology center for services of B/O domains, providing a unified operating and operations portal, integration platform of DevOps R&D and operations, microservice framework, rich standardized distributed technical components, global log operations monitoring platform, and flexible resource scheduling platform. The digital innovation of services of B/O domains is more intelligent and efficient, facilitating the digital operation of the provincial operator.

AISWare PaaS helps a provincial mobile operator build a PaaS platform

The PaaS platform of the mobile operator in Province B is connected with the resources of IaaS layer downwards, which realizes the dynamic horizontal expansion of applications and the elastic scaling of resources, and solves the problem of insufficient resource elasticity of IaaS layer. The difficulties in rapid software launch and agile delivery has been solved through the upward continuous integration and continuous delivery. At the same time, PaaS platform provides three-dimensional full lifecycle management for microservices in each business center through application management, service management, operations management, and security management, providing visual management of all management functions by unified portal to support the overall system operation of the provincial mobile operator in an all-around manner.

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