AISWare Event-Driven

AISWare Event-Driven supports various real-time scenarios and scenarios of complex event strategy matching. By sorting out the key elements of each event, it forms the capability of event fusion computing, conducts real-time strategy configuration and distribution from data collection, event processing and event consumption, and helps enterprises collect and analyze behavioral data generated by customers using fragmentation in order to achieve precise marketing matching.

Product superiority

Product value


Policy maker: Global service support

  • Meeting the precise matching need of diversified and multi-scenario marketing service, and providing the underlying capabilities for service scenario expansion

Operator: Perception of changes and insight into needs

  • Collecting behavioral data generated by customers using fragmentation, and performing analysis to achieve precision marketing matching

Executor: Fast understanding of service process

  • Process-based configuration and visual operation enable efficient understanding of service process and quick response to service changes

Application scenario

Real-time marketing of operator equity based on user behavior
  • Providing equity products + main package marketing and push service by capturing the app browsing behaviors and preferences of users
Real-time marketing scenario based on airport check-in
  • When the selected user group arrives at the flight terminal of an international airport and completes the check-in, the special package of overseas roaming will be recommended to the user through multiple channels.
Real-time marketing of value-added services based on smart wearable devices
  • Based on advanced technologies such as the Internet, IoT, big data, cloud computing, etc., a set of smart elderly health services including smart terminals + management platform + operation services can be created to help operators increase the income of services related to 5G

Customer success case

China Mobile

Connected with the first-level electronic channels of China Mobile, an enhanced electronic channel marketing platform based on real-time events has been created, and applied for the innovation award of TMF

China Life Property Insurance

Supporting real-time marketing and operation scenarios of complex events based on the official website browsing + APP using + telephone consultation, etc. of existing users, and providing the capabilities such as strategy matching after event matching and task issuance.

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