AISWare AiDO-Agile

Based on the AIF PaaS “cloud native” foundation, AISWare AiDO-Agile horizontally runs through the software life cycle, promotes safe, fast, and quality delivery of value streams, and vertically integrates the collaborative management of resources, containers, and applications between, providing customers with a cross-domain, ecological, and easy-to-use one-stop support platform for digital transformation service.

Product superiority

Product value


Rapid delivery of product value

  • Visualizing the end-to-end R&D process of requirements, reducing waste in each link, and integrating continuous delivery pipeline capabilities to achieve rapid delivery of requirements.

Efficient collaboration

  • The team customizes the Kanban according to R&D process, manages all the work item tasks of the team, and team members work together based on the Kanban.

Continuous feedback and continuous optimization

  • The team and organization makes continuous improvement and continuous optimization to achieve the most efficient value flow through data measurement and analysis of the value flow in Kanban lane.

Full assurance of product quality

  • Using automated testing tools in combination with the test layering theory to realize full assurance of product quality

Application scenario

Agile R&D management
  • Establishing the entire process of R&D management to improve R&D efficiency. Using agile R&D management in daily software R&D activities to support the management of work items such as product and project requirements, tasks, and defects.
Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Supported by the concepts of configuration management, continuous integration and continuous delivery, the continuous integration and continuous delivery system is combined with the application integration deployment strategies of large projects and Internet projects of traditional operators to facilitate end-to-end requirement delivery through pipeline technology. The R&D and operations process of the user team is stable, reliable and efficient.
Test management
  • According to the layered testing concept, manual testing and automated testing are combine to support the process management of testing activities, and automated testing tools and services are provided to meet the management of software lifecycle on the testing domain.

Customer success case

AISWare AiDO helps a bank implement DevOps agile development system

AsiaInfo has applies AISWare AiDO-Agile in the bank to implement the DevOps system, build an end-to-end DevOps platform, and support the dual mode of “sensitive state” and “steady state” R&D management models. With continuous delivery as the core, an automated and standardized delivery system has been achieved, and an end-to-end data measurement index system has been built at the same time, so as to improve the overall management level of development and operations in terms of efficiency and quality through refinement and visualization. The core functions of the platform include: Kanban management, pipeline management, continuous integration pipeline, continuous deployment pipeline, end-to-end measurement visualization, etc.

  • 25% increase in R&D efficiency
  • 300% increase in integration efficiency
  • 55% increase in automated test coverage

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