AISWare Customers' DNA

AISWare Customers' DNA supports various applications such as customer insight, precision marketing, and service improvement by building a full DNA user database (full labeling), understanding customers more accurately (precise portraits), more flexible intuitive analysis (self-service analysis), and faster production support (data push).

Product superiority

Product value


Upgrading efficiency and improving the timeliness of marketing planning

  • The real-time output of customer group helps the frontline staff to grasp the precious and short time of customer contact and recommendation in a timely manner to improve the response success rate. It is used to build large category and medium category index of labels to optimize the level selection, and the binary tree traversal search is introduced to further optimize the customer group selection and display experience, which is convenient for users.

Dynamic switching to solve the problem of precision marketing

  • By using DNA chain technology, it fundamentally solves the problem of random changes in customer group due to frontline staff cannot capture user behavior in real time. The customer group change rule is triggered by the change in customer behavior, which realizes the dynamic switching of customer groups, and provides technical capability support for real-time event capture.

Interface standards connect the last mile

  • After encapsulating the push capability, a standardized interface protocol is provided to realize multiple systems such as seamless alignment of customer groups, and one-click output to multiple systems including CRM, IVR, outbound calls, and grids, and provide unified support service capabilities; in terms of deployment mechanism, flexible SAAS-based or local deployment methods are provided to meet actual environmental requirements of customers.

Application scenario

Label accumulation
  • It solves the problem of high interoperability costs caused by the scattered data sources, and it is convenient for the unified management and application of labels by opening up the data source interface and setting up label push rules.
Accurate customer portrait
  • It deeply analyzes customer characteristics based on the label system, and captures customer requirements in real time, and provides capability support for accurate strategy matching.
Customer satisfaction
  • It identifies potential complaints risks and adjusts service strategies in time, so as to reduce the probability of complaints.

Customer success case

Case of provincial companies of China Mobile

It has been successfully deployed in 12 provincial-level companies of operators to stably support production

Financial DMP platform in Shanghai

It has been connected with the financial platform in Shanghai to provide financial system operation support capabilities and create one DMP platform