AISWare TecloGPT

TelcoGPT is a big model built by AsiaInfo in combination with the features and advantages of the communication industry, which has professional knowledge in the communication industry, higher timeliness and better scenario support capability, and brings users a brand-new GPT experience.

Product superiority

Product value


Enhancing communication cognition

  • Integration and enhancement of communication service knowledge
  • Integration and evolution of communication service big and small models
  • Integration and enhancement of communication service strategy implementation

Ecological construction of Tools

  • It provides many tools based on the TAC MaaS platform, including CodingGPT, Ops CoPilot, ChatBI, Chatbots, AN Co-Pilot, etc., empowering and bringing intelligence to business scenarios in the communication industry.

Model is service

  • Adaptation, acceptance and management of big models
  • Fine adjustment and alignment of big models
  • Lightweight of big models

Application scenario

Communication IT field
  • Intelligent development
  • operation and maintenance
  • Intelligent marketing
  • Intelligent billing
  • Intelligent customer service
Communication network field
  • network planning
  • network deployment
  • network maintenance
  • network optimization

Customer success case

CodingGPT aided programming

It can quickly initiate coding ask to team members or CodingGPT robots and get an answer quickly by voice and text.The code snippet can be provided in text chatting, and then quickly added into the cursor place in the code editing area.

  • 85% It can save manpower by 85%
  • 100% improve treatment efficiency by 100%
Digital virtual assistant of a communication operator in a province

The operator deploys AsiaInfo digital virtual assistant, simulates human dialogue through the virtual assistant, responds intelligently according to the user's input content, and provides various services to help users solve problems. This can provide comprehensive human-computer interaction services for all kinds of Android applications, which has greatly improved user experience.

  • 30% It can save energy consumption by 30%
  • 50% reduce operation and maintenance costs by 50%

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