AISWare Privacy-Enhancing Computation PEC

Provide out-of-box privacy-preserving computation services for real scenarios with software and hardware integration, incorporating various technologies such as MPC, FL, TEE, and blockchain, which enables efficient data convergence and analysis while safeguarding data privacy.

Product superiority

Product value


Revitalize Enterprise's Data Assets

  • Mine data value under data security conditions
  • Converge data for better market comprehension
  • Enable business innovation

Cross-industrial Data Convergence

  • Break down industry barriers for faster data circulation
  • Consolidate data for improved competitiveness
  • Enhance enterprise reputation and customer confidence

Trusted Data Circulation Operation

  • Promote the value release of data elements
  • Improve enterprise's processing capability and efficiency
  • Drive market-oriented allocation of data elements

Quick Empowerment for Business Scenarios

  • Provide quick and efficient data processing solutions
  • Implement application scenarios in multiple industries
  • The development of technology innovation

Application scenario

  • Customer portrait
  • Precise marketing
  • Risk control management
  • Location service
  • Credit risk control
  • Anti-fraud
  • Precise marketing
  • Supply chain finance
  • Government data sharing
  • Smart City
  • Electronic government affairs
  • Joint security
  • Supply chain management
  • Intelligent Manufacture
  • Intelligent Recommendation
  • Productivity forecasts

Customer success case

Secured Data Delivery Platform for Telcos

Relying on privacy computing technology and products, an operator group provides services such as data desensitization, data security integration, and trusted data sharing based on its massive data advantages. The total scale of external data services exceeds 600PB, supporting many industries scenarios such as finance, government affairs, and manufacturing, and continuously expand the data cooperation ecosystem.

  • Empower over 10 industries with user data resource accumulation over 1 billion
Privacy-preserving computation for a bank

Currently, with worsen situation of information fraud and data distortion, traditional risk control models are unable to effectively recognize risks and warn due to the lack of dynamic data support in multi-dimensions. Based on PEC, the processing efficiency of credit checking has been improve by vertically joint modeling on potential loan customer models.

  • 95% Loan marketing conversion rate has increased by
General Service Platform of Data Element for a Data Exchange Center

A city's data exchange cooperated with AsiaInfo Technology to build a data trading and circulation system based on powerful privacy computing products. It realized data exchange, sharing and calculation under the premise of ensuring data security, and provided technical support for data transactions. It also provides solid support for various cross-industry integration application services.

  • 80% Increased by 80% compared to traditional data circulation rate

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