AISWare 5G-SlicingMgmt

With automation as the main line, across various professional domains, it makes full use of NFV and SDN technology to simplify the slicing process, integrates intelligence into slicing orchestration decision-making, operations analysis, and service guarantee based on AsiaInfo’s artificial intelligence platform, reduces labor burden, and promotes the entire network of operators to move towards automation and integration.

Product superiority

Product value


Seizing the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of slicing technology

  • When the slicing technology system in the entire is not yet mature, the value of AsiaInfo’s slicing operation and management product lies on moving faster to work with operators to accelerate the construction of the industry ecosystem and eliminate some potential barriers.

Reducing the cost of slicing operation and management

  • Fully understanding the current status of operators’ network, interacting and integrating with the existing asset management system and configuration management system, and minimizing manual processing links to improve efficiency. Building the understanding and experience of the protocol into the system at the same time to lower the knowledge threshold of operating and operations personnel. Providing intelligent operations and SLA guarantee capabilities to reduce the burden on operations personnel.

Promoting the automation of operators’ network technology

  • Slicing refers to the creation of different logical networks on the same network infrastructure of operators to meet different needs of customers, requiring end-to-end guarantee, and spanning wireless, transmission, core networks and other discipline, even including IP private networks. If the end-to-end connection of entire slice is required to be done in a short period of time, the automation within each discipline needs to be achieved as far as possible instead of containing a large number of manual links.

Application scenario

Communication service management
  • Communication service capability template;
  • S-NSSAI management;
  • Service experience management.
Network slicing management
  • Network slicing design;
  • Network slicing orchestration;
  • Network slicing monitoring;
  • Slicing resource topology.

Customer success case

A telecom operator

When cooperating with the telecom operator, AsiaInfo has created the group-level end-to-end slicing management system by decoupling various vendors and aligning with various disciplines, and realized the pre-commercial service of AISWare 5G-SlicingMgmt. The first slicing project connection in the industry was completed; Alignment with 5 equipment vendors including Huawei, ZTE, and Ericsson was successfully achieved; The pre-commercial service of the world’s first 5G slicing management platform was realized.

A telecom operator

AsiaInfo has built a slicing product and service platform for a provincial operator with the slicing communication service management function in its 5G network slicing end-to-end management system. A collaborative channel between slicing products and slicing network was successfully built;The whole business process of slicing purchase, activation, and billing was linked up;The opening of the slice network capability was realized and applied.

A telecom operator

By connecting with the subdomains of different disciplines of various vendors, an end-to-end slicing management system at the large area of customer has been created, completing the end-to-end slicing connection and covering the disciplines such as core network, wireless network, and bearer network. The end-to-end, cross-discipline design, configuration and connection of slicing have been realized;The construction of standard protocols was completed after the interaction and adaptation with equipment vendors;A pilot benchmark for slicing management and operation at large area was established.

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