AISWare 5G-Slicing Management

AISWare 5G Slicing management consist of Communication Service Management Function (CSMF) and Network Slicing Management Function (NSMF). Aiming to cope with numerous risks and challenges in the process of Network Slicing implementation, enable telecom operator’s ability to handle the whole life cycle of Network Slicing management from slicing ordering, fulfilling, orchestrating,billing, operation and maintenance. As the brain and baton of slicing technology system, it helps telecom operators quickly fulfill technology realization and seize business opportunity.

Functional Architecture

Product Benefits

  • Simplified Process

    Automation as the core idea, make full use of NFV and SDN technology by which simplify slicing fulfillment process, and promote the network towards to automation and integration.

  • AI Empowerment

    Based on AsiaInfo’s mature communication AI platform, enable intelligent ability for slicing orchestration, operation and maintenance analysis, service assurance, hence reduce the artificial workload.

  • Customer Experience

    Based on Slicing related Network Elements and user's signaling, service category, and KPI data, use AI algorithm to track the real experience of customers in the vertical industry, so as to solve problems before complaints.

  • Cross domain connection

    As a neutral manufacturer, deeply participate in the discussion and implementation of sub domain slicing technology, have rich experience in cross domain and multi manufacturer implementation.

Market and Customer

AISWare 5g slicing management have been deployed in major operator’s test system for function verification, and implemented the commercial system landing in an operator.