Weather Vane of Communication Industry丨AsiaInfo Won Many Awards of “Golden Purple Bamboo Award”, and Ouyang Ye Explained the Evolution of 6G OSS in Detail!

2023-12-21 AsiaInfo

On December 19th, the Communications Industry Conference 2023 and the 18th Communications Technology Annual Conference were grandly held in Beijing. AsiaInfo won two “Golden Purple Bamboo Awards”, namely “Excellent Product Technical Solution” and “Top 10 Benchmark Cases of 5G + Lighthouse Applications”, and was selected into the “TOP 50 AI Competitiveness Rankings in 2023”. Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and senior vice president of AsiaInfo, and IEEE Fellow, was invited to deliver a speech.

AsiaInfo's Technology, Products and Solutions Were Selected into Three Major Awards and Lists

AISWare PEC Edge, a privacy computing all-in-one machine of AsiaInfo, won the “2023 Golden Purple Bamboo Award for Excellent Product Technical Solution”. The privacy computing all-in-one machine integrates various privacy computing technologies such as secure multi-party computation (MPC), federated learning (FL), trusted execution environment (TEE), and blockchain (BC), which can realize efficient privacy data fusion analysis through low-code technology and improve the implementation efficiency of application scenarios. What's more, with the characteristics of one-click deployment, out-of-the-box service, minimal O&M, etc., it can reduce the project implementation cycle and implementation cost, improve the delivery speed, support the rapid implementation of solutions for different industry scenarios, and has been widely used in communications, finance, transportation, energy sources, IoT and other industries.

AsiaInfo's “700MHz Band Wind Power 5G Private Network Project with Full Core Networks Sunk into Local Areas” was selected as one of the “Golden Purple Bamboo Top 10 Benchmark Cases of 5G + Lighthouse Applications”. The 700MHz Wind Power 5G Private Network Smart Wind Power Plant Project was the world's first 5G private network project with a full core network sunk into local areas, which has been jointly built by communication operators and industry customers. It realized the full-scene operation coverage inside and outside the wind power tower and provided a network foundation for the 5G intelligent applications of smart stations. The deployment cost of this scheme was reduced by 75% compared with the traditional way, and the operation time of typical wind power scenarios was shortened by 10% - 15%, which made it become a new commercial model for communication operators to participate in the construction of smart stations and also construct a new ecology for copying 5G private network construction in bulk in the power industry.

The conference also released the “TOP 50 AI Competitiveness Rankings in 2023” list. AsiaInfo was selected for the list of its strong AI technologies, products, services, and application development capabilities, which fully proved AsiaInfo has made outstanding performance in AI technology research and development and application implementation, as well as contributions to promoting the development of China's AI industry chain and enhancing its competitiveness.



Figure: Awarding Ceremony


Figure: Trophies and Medals

Dr. Ouyang Ye: AsiaInfo Has Conducted a Preliminary Exploration on the Evolution of 6G OSS

At this annual conference, Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and senior vice president of AsiaInfo, and IEEE Fellow was invited to attend the “5G - A Deployment and 6G Advanced Forum” and delivered a keynote speech on “Preliminary Exploration on the Evolution of 6G OSS”.

5.jpgFigure: Dr. Ouyang Ye Delivered a Speech

Dr. Ouyang Ye said that facing the evolution of OSS in the 6G era, the L5 level of autonomous network is not equal to 6G OSS ready. By analyzing the current research status of 6G and the key points of OSS-related standards in various standards organizations, AsiaInfo has figured out the new requirements of 6G networks for OSS; Therefore, AsiaInfo has put forward the overall vision of 6G OSS, explored 12 potential key technologies of 6G OSS, such as air-space-ground integrated network orchestration, distributed autonomy and collaboration based on air-space-ground and synesthesia integration, endogenous intelligence and capability openness, and accordingly proposed the technical and functional architecture of 6G OSS as well as the system evolution route of 5G OSS to 6G OSS, looking forward to working together with industry partners in the development of 6G OSS and autonomous networks.


The Communications Industry Conference 2023 and the Communications Technology Annual Conference began in 2006 and has been successfully held for 18 consecutive sessions, bringing together government leaders, experts, and outstanding entrepreneurs in the communication industry, and becoming the high-standard annual event of China's communication industry. The top 10 events of the year and the top 10 technology trends of the next year released by the conference have become the industry vane.