AsiaInfo's “Comprehensive Energy Intelligent Management & Control Platform” Helps Customers Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions and Won the Asian ESG Award

2023-12-12 AsiaInfo

“Now, you're seeing the big screen of our comprehensive energy intelligent management & control platform, which presents information such as water consumption, power consumption and photovoltaic power generation on the roof in real time. Please pay attention to the fact that the total power consumption of the building the day before is about equal to the photovoltaic power generation of the day. That is to say, the green electricity generated by the photovoltaic panel on the roof has met the basic power consumption of the building, which is inseparable from our refined use of every kilowatt hour of electricity and the accurate grasp of each power consumption unit.” In the exhibition hall of a company in Zhongguancun, Beijing, the person in charge is introducing the achievements of the enterprise in practicing “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals” through refined operation to visiting guests with great interest, and these achievements come from the strong support of AsiaInfo's “comprehensive energy intelligent management & control platform”.


Figure: AsiaInfo's “Comprehensive Energy Intelligent Management & Control Platform”


AsiaInfo's “Comprehensive Energy Intelligent Management & Control Platform” Helps Energy-Consuming Enterprises Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions


In recent years, as the strategy of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals” has been put into implementation, “energy saving, carbon reduction, and emission reduction” has become a severe challenge that every high energy-consuming enterprise must face. In response to such market demand, AsiaInfo has independently developed the “comprehensive energy intelligent management & control platform”, which has many functions such as real-time data acquisition and monitoring of multi-energy flows (i.e. water, electricity, coal, natural gas, heating, and other energy flows), multi-energy flow operation status evaluation, multi-energy flow safety management and control, multi-energy flow intelligent scheduling based on 5G and smart energy middle office. Based on this platform, energy-consuming units can build a comprehensive energy visual management system, accurately grasp their energy consumption situation and status, complete load analysis and prediction, reduce energy consumption, and achieve carbon reduction goals by means of peak load shifting, intelligent scheduling, and shutting down useless equipment.


Figure: Low-Carbon Reconstruction Project of An Office Building

This platform can be deployed in commercial buildings, plants and stations, industrial parks, hospitals, and other areas. In commercial buildings, the platform can provide support to monitor and optimize electricity power, water, natural gas, lighting, air conditioning, and other systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs; In industrial parks, the platform can realize effective utilization of energy resources and improve production efficiency based on its real-time monitoring of production equipment, production process, and raw material consumption. What's more, the platform is also applicable to energy suppliers, urban management and government departments. An office building in Beijing has carried out low-carbon reconstruction based on this platform. After the reconstruction, the cumulative green electricity production of the building will reach 3 million kWh, which is equivalent to reducing the combustion of 1,000 tons of standard coal, avoiding 2,975 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving about 3.75 million yuan in electricity charges, and achieving remarkable economic and social benefits.


Conduct Carbon Emission Reduction Based on Innovation and Won International Awards

Recently, in the “2023 ESG Enterprises” award selection sponsored by THE ASSET, an international authoritative financial media, AsiaInfo stood out from many candidate enterprises and won the “Best Sci-Tech Innovation Award” based on several sci-tech innovations and applications in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction with its “comprehensive energy intelligent management & control platform”.


Figure: Certificate of Award

In the future, AsiaInfo will continue to improve smart energy solutions, and promote the digital and intelligent transformation of energy enterprises with the technology of “network, data and intelligence”, so that more energy-using units and individuals can enjoy low-carbon, efficient and digital intelligence energy services.

Note: The Asset is a well-known professional financial magazine in Asia. Its ESG Enterprise Awards Selection has been conducted for many years, and it is one of the leading ESG awards in the Asia-Pacific region, enjoying high popularity and authority in the global financial market.