Ouyang Ye of AsiaInfo: Computing Power Endogenous Network|Subtraction on Investment, Multiplication on Resources, Addition on Capability

2023-12-05 AsiaInfo

Recently, AsiaInfo and TM Forum (TeleManagement Forum) jointly held the “2023 Digital Leadership Summit in China”. From the perspective of technology and business, the conference focused on how hundreds of industries will achieve leap-forward growth through data-based governance, IT, and network transformation.

At the conference, Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and senior vice president of AsiaInfo, and IEEE Fellow, delivered a keynote speech on “Realizing the Symbiotic Computing and Communications with the Computing Power Endogenous Network”, sharing the development and achievements of AsiaInfo in autonomous network and 6G pre-innovation technology.


Ouyang Ye introduced that the symbiotic computing and communications was a subset of the candidate technology of “symbiotic-sensing-computing integration” in the 6G mobile communication. He said, “such a technology can be realized in the 5G mobile communication, that is to be achieved based on the computing power endogenous network.”Facing the current situation of separation between computing power and network, should we add extra computing power PCB or servers? Or develop a computing power endogenous network? AsiaInfo firmly chose the latter, and has realized the integrated intelligent scheduling and arrangement of general computing resources through the computing power pooling of wireless network 5G BBU; With the computing power virtualization of 5G BBU, both the communication business and the computing business can be supported at the same time.

Ouyang Ye further introduced that the computing power endogenous network realized the symbiotic computing and communications of the wireless network through six key technologies, such as computing power virtualization, which enabled the wireless network to run communication and non-communication digital services at the same time and helped communication operators and 5G private network users to realize subtraction on investment, multiplication on resources, and addition on capability.

Relying on the mature 5G private network product systems and capacities such as planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance, AsiaInfo provided “end-to-end” and one-stop 5G private network services for customers in all kinds of industries. It is understood that at present, the 5G private network products of AsiaInfo have obtained the network access qualification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and have been commercialized in nuclear power, wind power, mining, and other industries, helping enterprises carry out digital and intelligent transformation.