AsiaInfo's AntDB Helped China Broadcast Network Complete the Global Database Autonomous Construction of the 5G Business System

2023-11-10 AsiaInfo

Since China Broadcast Network has successfully obtained the 5G license in June 2019, it has rapidly developed the goal of network construction and become the fourth largest operator with wide coverage, sufficient application scenarios, and excellent user experience of the 5G network. Based on the unique 700MHz spectrum resources around the world, it has the advantages of strong coverage, sufficient capacity, and high speed. Through deepening the co-construction and co-sharing cooperation with China Mobile, the number of base stations available at present exceeds 4 million. In the meanwhile, independently building the core network, BOSS system, business platform, and network security system has laid a solid foundation for independent operation and differentiated competition.

As a pioneering provider of full-stack digital intelligence capabilities, AsiaInfo has fully undertaken the construction task of BSS (Business Support System). With product R&D strength and an experience in core system practice for 15 years, AntDB has provided global and fully independent database capacity building and services for the 5G businesses of China Broadcast Network.

BSS business support system is the key for operators to ensure the commercial operation of 5G mobile services. Its sub-system includes many core business services such as customer center, product and commodity center, business processing, order center, billing and accounting, payment and settlement. In the whole construction process, AsiaInfo's AntDB, as the core data base of the global business system, supported the construction of 15 business systems at the same time. The focus of tackling key problems was not only to build a system with high reliability and high performance, but also to build a system that met the core requirements of the consistency assurance of cross-system businesses and data, super-large-scale user clusters, quick response capability in complex computing scenarios, and supporting online horizontal scaling, etc.


Figure: Evolution Course of AsiaInfo's AntDB

AsiaInfo's AntDB is a proven and technologically forward-looking DDB product, which has two ways of centralized deployment and distributed deployment, enabling flexible selection according to detailed conditions and scenarios; It supports high-security deployment architecture such as the deployment with two places and three centers to escort the smooth operation of big data businesses; In addition, it has strong compatibility with traditional databases, and the businesses can meet the conditions for online launch without or with only minor changes, which fully reflects the advantages of “low cost and low risk”; At the same time, the perfect database intelligent operation and maintenance system and professional service team can continue to provide reliable guarantee.

Since the project was launched, it has been running smoothly for over a year. With rich accumulation in the BSS field, AsiaInfo and AntDB team worked hard and devoted every effort to ensure the successful launch and smooth operation of China Broadcast Network 5G businesses. Since the establishment of the project, the whole BSS system has been built from scratch in just a few months, passed several rounds of business tests such as full pressure tests and provincial network tests, and entered the formal commercial stage, strongly supporting the comprehensive deployment and formal commercial operation of broadcasting and television 5G businesses.

Holding a firm belief and unyielding fighting spirit, the project team overcame numerous difficulties, marched forward courageously, and finally achieved good news of success. AsiaInfo will continue to uphold the concept of innovative development, continuously enhance the leading position of AsiaInfo's AntDB, develop along the key path of “technology + ecology”, implement the long-term development strategy, and continuously strengthen the core competitiveness of products.

About AntDB 

Founded in 2008, AsiaInfo's AntDB provides online services to more than 1 billion users in 24 provinces across the country on the core systems of service providers. It has product features such as high performance, elastic scalability, and high reliability with a capability of handling millions of core communication transactions per second at peak values, ensuring the stable and continuous operation of the system for nearly a decade, and has been successfully commercialized in industries such as communications, finance, transportation, energy sources, and the IoT.