Good News! AsiaInfo Was Approved to Establish a Postdoctoral Research Station

2023-11-22 AsiaInfo

On November 20th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee issued the “List of Newly Approved Units for Setting Postdoctoral Research Station in Park Type”, and AsiaInfo was officially approved to establish a postdoctoral research station. 


Figure: AsiaInfo Technology was approved to establish a postdoctoral research station 

The postdoctoral research station refers to an organization established in enterprises, scientific research and production institutions, and special regional institutions that can recruit and train postdoctoral researchers after being examined and approved by relevant departments. AsiaInfo has been approved to become a postdoctoral research station by virtue of its strong scientific research ability, excellent research and development level, and profound practical accumulation in the fields of network intelligence and artificial intelligence. The establishment of a postdoctoral research station is of great significance for AsiaInfo to carry out deep integration between industry, university and research, attract more high-level scientific research talents, promote the transformation of its own sci-tech achievements, and drive sustainable development. 

AsiaInfo's postdoctoral station will focus on the company's cutting-edge technology exploration in the three major fields of “cloud network”, “digital intelligence” and “IT”, and carry out research and development of “integrated symbiotic-sensing-computing” and “integrated air-space-ground” technologies for 5G/6G, and lay out for 6G OSS/BSS, 5G/6G private networks and other fields in advance to build the next generation of new integrated computing power network infrastructure; In addition, the postdoctoral station will carry out research and development of key technologies and platforms for industry cognition enhancement based on the big model and conduct industrialization, etc., build an industry cognition enhancement model, that is, a service technology capability system, and lead the industry put applications into implementation. AsiaInfo's postdoctoral project is also consistent with the R&D direction of relevant national key R&D plans, Beijing sci-tech plan, and other scientific research projects, and fully cooperates with the mobile postdoctoral station of the Institute for AI Industry Research, Tsinghua University to ensure the pioneering, innovative and industrial empowerment natures of postdoctoral work, and cultivate and build a high-level talent team integrating industry, university and research. 

As a high-tech enterprise, AsiaInfo always regards independent innovation as the foundation of its career. In recent years, AsiaInfo has adhered to the concept of “ranking higher in both products and services”, formed a systematic technological innovation mechanism, and accumulated three comprehensive product and service systems: “cloud network”, “digital intelligence” and “IT”, some of which have reached the international-advanced and national-leading level. At the same time, AsiaInfo has continuously participated in dozens of international/national technical standards organizations' works such as 3GPP, ITU, ETSI, IEEE, TMF, and O-RAN, and produced many patents and standards achievements. 

With the platform of a postdoctoral research station, AsiaInfo will continue to increase investment in research and development, strengthen joint innovation with industry-university-research institutions, and put powerful momentum into continuous technology iteration and product research and development.