The “Computing Power Endogenous Network” Developed by AsiaInfo and Tsinghua University Won the “First Prize for 2023 Sci-Tech Progress” Issued by the Chinese Association of Automation

2023-11-16 AsiaInfo

Recently, the Chinese Association of Automation (English abbreviation: CCA), an authoritative organization in the field of automation science in China, announced the evaluation results of the “Sci-Tech Progress Award” in 2023. The “key technologies and applications of computing power endogenous network” developed by AsiaInfo and Tsinghua University stood out from many candidate projects and won the “first prize for 2023 sci-tech progress issued by the Chinese Association of Automation” by virtue of their innovative contributions in the frontier technology field of “symbiotic computing and communications” and a large-scale application in key industries. 


Figure: First Prize for 2023 Sci-Tech Progress Issued by the Chinese Association of Automation (Part) 

The Chinese Association of Automation is one of the earliest national academic groups established in China at the first level and an important force in developing automation, information, and intelligent science and technology in China. Mr. Qian Xuesen was the chairman of the first Council. Its “sci-tech progress award” mainly rewards sci-tech workers and units who have made creative contributions in the process of technology R&D and innovation, popularization and application of advanced sci-tech achievements, promotion of high-tech industrialization and completion of major sci-tech projects in China's automation field. 

AsiaInfo's Products of Computing Power Endogenous Network 

For the first time in the industry, AsiaInfo proposed to use the “computing power endogenous network” technology to realize 6G “symbiotic computing and communications” ahead of schedule, has independently developed 5G private network products supporting this technology, and provided “computing power endogenous network” products and solutions integrating 5G connection, computing power and applications for various industries to help customers build a digital infrastructure with “symbiotic computing and communications”. 

2.jpgFigure: AsiaInfo's Products of Computing Power Endogenous Network 

This product has six core technologies: “hierarchical virtualization of computing power, scheduling marginalization of computing power, zero damage to network performance, intelligent scheduling of symbiotic computing and communications, federated learning of endogenous computing power, and digital twins of endogenous computing power”, which can accurately predict the change of communication business load of 5G base stations based on AI algorithm model. Based on computing power virtualization technology and flexible scheduling, AsiaInfo applied the idle computing power of 5G base stations in low load period to edge computing services such as AI and XR, which has effectively improved the utilization efficiency of 5G network resources. 

3.jpegFigure: Schematic Diagram of AsiaInfo's Products of Computing Power Endogenous Network 

On the premise of “neither changing the basic functional architecture of 5G network nor adding additional computing power equipment”, AsiaInfo's computing power endogenous network products have adopted innovative 5G base station and edge scheduling computing platform with the “symbiotic computing and communications”, so that the computing power resources of 5G communication equipment can support the computing power requirements of other services while meeting the computing power requirements of communication business services, helping customers to carry out the “subtraction on investment, multiplication on resources, and addition on capability”.