Walking with the Wind Together! AsiaInfo's Products of Wind Power Series Was Sparkling at the China Wind Power.

2023-10-26 AsiaInfo

Recently, the China Wind Power 2023 was held in China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Expo Hall). With the 5G private network products and solutions for wind power production, AsiaInfo attended the CWP2023, released its solutions for sub-divided smart energy such as new energy, nuclear power, thermal power, pumped storage power, distributed photovoltaic and comprehensive energy, and discussed the development of wind energy with industry partners. 


Figure: Exhibition Site 

According to the energy industry development philosophy of “Multi Connections through One Network, Energy Sources Developed in Digital Intelligence”, AsiaInfo has set up three exhibition areas in this exhibition, which were 5G private networks, digital intelligence applications, and benchmark cases, displaying products and solutions in fields such as new centralized control of wind power, hierarchical control of intelligent video recognition, comprehensive energy sources, 5G private network, and intelligent terminals. Depending on products, services, operation, and integration capabilities with 30 years of development, and more than 20 years of practical experience in the power industry, based on the needs of industry scenarios, AsiaInfo has helped the transformation and upgrading of the wind power industry to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. 

On the occasion of the new development and upgrading of the renewable energy installed capacity in China exceeding 1.3 billion kilowatts, AsiaInfo took priority in proposing the technology empowerment of network, big data, and AI to realize multi-link intelligent management and control from station operation, maintenance and operation to production management. At this exhibition, AsiaInfo's 700MHz integrated base station adapted to the wind power industry made its debut. Based on the power security requirements, the base station in this industry is equipped with a built-in 5G power private network core network self-developed by AsiaInfo, which supports software and hardware decoupling, all-cloud deployment, and elastic expansion, and integrates edge computing capability, AI network self O&M capability, business security diversion capability and network opening capability, realizing the full coverage of wind power 5G private network in 700MHz band and helping the digitalization and intelligence of production and operation management in the plant area. 

Based on deep insight into the requirements, business scenarios, and industry trends of the energy industry, AsiaInfo has provided end-to-end full-stack digital intelligence services with 5G as the core and integrated IoT, big data, and AI technologies, assisting the construction and operation of smart plants and stations. With its technologies of “network, data and intelligence”, AsiaInfo will help more energy enterprises to conduct digital transformation and realize “Multi Connections through One Network, Energy Sources Developed in Digital Intelligence”, so that more energy-using units and individuals can enjoy low-carbon, efficient, and digital intelligence energy services.


Figure: Expo Area of Hierarchical Control of Intelligent Video Recognition 


Figure: Expo Area of Comprehensive Energy


Figure: 5G Intelligent Terminal Expo Area: 3D Real Scene Construction with AR Helping Station Realize ASV Upgrading


Up to now, AsiaInfo has carried out the world's first nuclear power 5G independent private network project, covering 23 nuclear power units in China; Meanwhile, it has realized a very small number of domestic smart thermal power projects with full core networks sunk into local areas. In addition, AsiaInfo has made a breakthrough in that it completed the first wind power 5G private network project and hundreds of other smart wind site projects, which realized the integration of public networks and private networks relying on wide coverage of the 700MHz frequency band. At the same time, AsiaInfo has also provided an intelligent management and control O&M platform for distributed photovoltaic and comprehensive energy sources, helping the fast-growing new business forms to improve the energy efficiency of operation and control. 


In the future, AsiaInfo will continue to improve its smart energy solutions with “network, data and intelligence” as the core, and contribute wisdom to the prosperity and development of the wind power industry.