AsiaInfo Has Been Continuously Selected as One of the Top 100 Private Enterprises, with Its Technological Innovation Becoming a New Highlight

2023-10-18 AsiaInfo

Recently, Beijing Federation of Industry & Commerce and the People's Government of Beijing Fengtai District jointly held the 2023 Top 100 Private Enterprises Conference in Beijing, and released the list of “1+4” Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing. AsiaInfo has been selected into three important lists: “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing”, “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing for Sci-Tech Innovation” and “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing for Social Responsibility” for many years, fully demonstrating its outstanding performance in industry leading position, technological innovation, social responsibility and other fields.


Figure: AsiaInfo Was Selected into the List of “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing” 

 Since the first selection in 2018, the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing have been selected for six consecutive years, while the threshold for the list of the top 100 enterprises has continued to rise. The list took the total operating revenue of enterprises in 2022, scientific research and innovation ability, corporate social responsibility contribution, etc. as its core indicators, comprehensively considering the strength of enterprises and selecting the results.The listed enterprises represented the backbone of building digital China and accelerating the integration and development of the real economy and digital economy.


Figure: “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing for Social Responsibility” and “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing for Sci-Tech Innovation” 


In recent years, AsiaInfo has adhered to the strategy of “One Consolidation with Three Developments” and held its “Dual Leading Position of Products and Services”. While empowering the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries, it has also achieved the growth of its innovation ability, corporate governance capacity and comprehensive strength. 


In the communication industry, the company has further consolidated its leading position in the BSS business market, continuously undertaken new projects and met new demands with digital intelligence products and solutions, and helped customers to conduct digital and intelligent transformation. In terms of the OSS business, the company's 5G network intelligence products focused on the fields of computing power networks, autonomous networks, digital twins, etc., empowering the digital and intelligent transformation and innovation of the communication industry and helping customers' autonomous networks continuously evolve to a higher level. As a pioneer in the field of digital intelligence operation, AsiaInfo has constructed a series of digital intelligence solutions and operation services that can be replicated, promoted and operated, and won the recognition of leading customers in many industries. 


Meanwhile, the company has continued to focus on five strategic industries and formed a deep sustainable development model in depth in many industries such as energy sources, government affairs and transportation. 


Driven by Innovation and Empowered by R&D The company has always attached great importance to its core R&D strength, focused on the three major product systems of “cloud network”, “digital intelligence” and “IT”, continuously increased R&D investment, and stridden forward the goal of “ranking higher in both products and service”. The company has realized its leading position in technologies around the world, continuously introduced new products, including digital intelligence software and hardware integrated standard products such as Edge AI, Edge AIoT data acquisition/computing/intelligent computing gateway, privacy computing all-in-one machine, and built a cloud native technical foundation. In addition, the company has continued to deeply participate in the work of over 20 international/national technical standards organizations such as 3GPP, ITU, ETSI, IEEE, TMF, and O-RAN. Up to now, the company has obtained more than 240 international/national standards, more than 220 international/national patents, and more than 1,300 software copyrights. 


Looking into the future, the company will adhere to the strategy of “One Consolidation with Three Developments” and develop towards the goal of “ranking higher in both products and services”. Last but not least, the company will adhere to its responsibilities as a private enterprise, continuously develop its sci-tech innovation, join hands with partners, promote digital and intelligent transformation in different industries, and make new contributions to high-quality economic and social development.