AsiaInfo Made a Wonderful Appearance at the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2023, Orienting towards a Win-win Mobile Future of Digital Intelligence Together!

2023-10-13 AsiaInfo

On October 11 - 13, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2023, which empowered computing power to explore a path and made intelligence guide the development in the future, was grandly kicked off in Guangzhou. As the pioneering provider of software products, solutions, and services, as well as the strategic cooperative partner of China Mobile, AsiaInfo fully participated in this conference, bringing three major product systems of “Digital Intelligence”, “Cloud Network” and “IT”, as well as dozens of products and solutions in the fields of communication, government affairs, energy sources, transportation, and digital operation, and holding product launch conferences. Senior executives of AsiaInfo were invited to attend several forum activities. 

Li Huidi and Gao Tongqing, Party Members and Deputy General Managers of China Mobile, visited AsiaInfo's expo booth to exchange ideas and provide guidance. 


Figure: AsiaInfo's Expo Booth 


 Looking at the Expo: Production, Research and Application Work Together to Achieve “Dual Leading Position of Products and Services” 

AsiaInfo's booth is divided into three areas of “Overall Capability”, “Industry Empowerment” and “Technology Empowerment”. The “Overall Capability” area fully displayed the three product systems of AsiaInfo, namely, “Digital Intelligence”, “Cloud Network” and “IT”, traced back AsiaInfo's development together with China Mobile for over 20 years in a timeline, and intuitively and comprehensively presented the capability reserves and case practices of AsiaInfo empowering vertical industries by using multimedia interactive technology. 2、李慧镝来访.jpg

 Figure: Li Huidi (Second from Left in Front Row) Visited AsiaInfo's Expo Booth 3、高同庆来访.jpg

Figure: Gao Tongqing (First from Right in Front Row) Visited AsiaInfo's Expo Booth 

The “Industry Empowerment” area showed products and solutions such as “Digital and Intelligent Government Affairs”, “Digital and Intelligent Government Departments and Enterprises”, “Digital and Intelligent Energy Sources”, “Digital and Intelligent Transportation”, “Digital and Intelligent Community/Park” and “Digital and Intelligent Operation”, outlining the epitome of hundreds of industries seeking transformation and advancing new development relying on digital intelligence technology. Among them, the “Government-enterprise Product Capability Support Platform” exhibited for the first time aimed at the pain points of large-scale government-enterprise customers, such as difficult product capability standardization, high cost for customization, low level of product reuse and long project delivery cycle and gave a product and service supply mode of “Middle-office + Integration”, which has attracted wide attention. 


 Figure: The Audience in An Endless Stream at the AsiaInfo's Expo Booth 

The “Technology Empowerment” area focused on products, with more emphasis on productivity improvement brought about by technological innovation. 5G private network, endogenous computing power, computing power network suite, network intelligence products, edge intelligence, privacy computing, robot process automation platform, low code, digital twins, metaverse, domestic database and other products were full of audience's eyes, which embodied the capability accumulation of “Dual Leading Position of Products and Services” of AsiaInfo in recent years. 

Looking at the Release: TelcoGPT Product System, Core Network and Several Site Products Have Been Grandly Launched 

On the first day of the conference, AsiaInfo released its independently developed TelcoGPT product system, 5G cloud core network, pico site, and integrated site products for the first time, accelerating the pace of “Big Model Empowering Communication” and “Intelligent Network Empowering Vertical Industries” again. 


Figure: Joint Releasing Ceremony 

TelcoGPT product system can effectively bridge the gap between general big model and communication service application. Such a product system consists of a TAC MaaS and several TelcoGPT tools such as Ops Copilot, ChatBI, Chatbots, CodingGPT and AN Copilot. Based on the cloud native technology, the 5G cloud core network can be deployed in public cloud and private cloud. Provided with the characteristics of endogenous computing power (symbiotic computing and communications), high-precision positioning and nuclear radiation resistance, 5G pico site and integrated site have realized high-speed, safe and ubiquitous wireless connection. AsiaInfo will take this product release as a new start, and continue to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of government departments and enterprises. 

Looking at the Activities: AsiaInfo Was Invited to Attend Conferences in Many Fields and Conveyed the Voice of AsiaInfo 

AsiaInfo and China Mobile have kept a close cooperative relationship for more than 20 years, and the two sides have had many similarities in technological innovation, product research, business cooperation, and market expansion. At this conference, many senior executives of AsiaInfo were invited to attend forums and meetings and conveyed the voice of AsiaInfo to the industry. 

On the afternoon of the 12th, Chen Wu, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the Mobile Information Modern Industry Chain Co-chain Action and Strategic Emerging Industry Innovation Cooperation Forum, and jointly released a series of achievements of 6G key technology collaborative innovation with Wang Xiaoyun, deputy chief engineer and chief scientist of China Mobile, Huang Yuhong, President of China Mobile Research Institute, and Duan Xiaodong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute. 


 Figure: Chen Wu Attended the Releasing Ceremony of 6G Series Achievements 

Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo was invited to attend the China Mobile Autonomous Network Forum and delivered a keynote speech on “Preliminary Exploration on the Evolution of 6G OSS”. Liu Chengkun, Vice President of AsiaInfo, attended the forum and jointly released the innovation achievements of autonomous networks with Li Huidi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, and Cai Lizhi, Party Secretary and Director of Guangdong Communications Administration. Ouyang Ye said that AsiaInfo had put forward the overall vision of 6G OSS based on the research status of 6G and the analysis of OSS standards of various standard organizations, and explored 12 key technologies such as “6G OSS Air-space-ground Integrated Network Orchestration”, “Distributed Autonomy and Collaboration Based on Air-space-ground and Synesthesia Integration”, “Endogenous Intelligence and Capability Openness”, and accordingly proposed the technology and functional architecture of 6G OSS as well as the evolution route of 5G OSS system to 6G, looking forward to working together with China Mobile and industry partners in the development of 6G OSS and autonomous networks. 


Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye Delivered a Speech 


Figure: Liu Chengkun Attended the Joint Releasing Ceremony

On the same day, Liu Chengkun was invited to attend the ToG Sub-Forum of government departments and enterprises as well as the releasing ceremony of a series of White Papers. 


Figure: Liu Chengkun Attended the Joint Releasing Ceremony

On the 13th, Liang Bin, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the AaaS + Ecological Digital Intelligence Integration Innovation Forum and attended the unveiling ceremony of “AaaS + Technology Alliance”, and AsiaInfo became one of the first core members of the Alliance. Liu Chengkun was invited to attend the forum. 


Figure: Liang Bin Attended the Unveiling Ceremony of the Union 

At this conference, AsiaInfo was awarded “2023 China Mobile ToG Market Excellent Partner” and other honors.