Technology Shines Bright in Asian Games! “Digital Twins” Cooperated by AsiaInfo and China Telecom Help the Communication Guarantee of the Asian Games

2023-09-28 AsiaInfo

On September 23rd, the 19th Asian Games was grandly opened in Hangzhou, and a sports event of “Tide from Asia” met the long-lasting national charm of Hangzhou culture. Behind the overwhelming sensory experience was the full support of high technology. AsiaInfo, together with Zhejiang Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang Telecom”), relying on the digital twins platform, have provided a solid guarantee for the network communication of game venues. 

图片 1.png

Figure: Real-time Monitoring and Problem Positioning of Asian Games Network Status

Network Environment of Digital Technology “Twins” Ensured the Communication of the Stadium 

Generally speaking, large-scale sports events are often accompanied by the gathering of a large number of people and equipment, with high terminal connection density and frequent and diverse communication requirements. 

In order to ensure the high-quality operation of network communication in key places during the Games, AsiaInfo and Zhejiang Telecom have jointly carried out scientific research and innovation and provided related services based on digital twins platform products, providing a technical base for the construction of the “Network Digital Twins Events Communication Support Platform” for the Asian Games, focusing on ensuring the communication requirements of the intelligent command system of the event, audience access to the Internet, security system, event communication, conference intelligent living platform, intelligent venues, multi-scenario applications, etc., and assisting the event operators in carrying out network operation and maintenance, emergency responses such as natural disasters, base station alarms, communication cable breakage alarms. 

After the launch of the platform, a highly realistic business support simulation was carried out, and the disposal cycle was shortened by about 80% from the problem identification to repair; Energy consumption management, security monitoring, and other functions reduced the investment of overall operation & maintenance personnel; Precise localization has realized the optimization of network resources in weak coverage areas and improved the efficiency of network operation and maintenance by about 80%. Relevant personnel of the project said that through the network digital twins platform, the distribution and status of venue network resources could be seen intuitively, and problems could be found and dealt with in time, which saved manpower, financial resources, and material resources, while better guaranteed the event experience. 

Efficient and Easy-To-Use Digital Twins Platform, Suitable for Multi-Industry and Multi-Scenario


AISWare Digital Gemini, a digital twins platform of AsiaInfo, is a general “digital twins” application design and construction tool, which has the ultimate visual experience and flexible scene empowerment capability. Based on “real-time simulation, feedback and interaction of running data”, it deeply integrates big data, IoT, GIS, 3D visualization, new surveying and mapping, BIM, AI and other technologies to provide one-stop digital twins scenario creation and business operation services for application scenarios such as networks, venues and cities. 

This product has multi-field simulation capability, especially suitable for the simulation of venues, cities, and network digital twins fields, showing excellent performance in urban multi-dimensional space-time simulation, traffic flow and collision simulation, water conservancy and watershed simulation, disaster emergency simulation, core network, wireless network, transmission network and computing power network simulation. 

Have cross-engine, high fidelity visual rendering capability. The product has integrated various 3D visual graphics rendering technologies such as WebGL and game engines, and realized cross-engine, highly realistic city-level large-scale and live-action simulation rendering. 

The product has an outstanding capability of building and arranging low-code scenarios. The product has used the “build-up” design idea to modularize the general code and provided rich resources such as a component library, design element library, and scenario template library. Developers can complete application development by dragging and dropping the graphical interface, which greatly reduces the use threshold. 

Support fascinating immersive virtual-reality interactive experience. The product has integrated cutting-edge technologies such as XR, and could bring immersive and VR sensory experience to the audience based on low-latency and high-bandwidth communication network. 

At the same time, AsiaInfo integrated AI, big data, AIoT and other technologies into its products, and realized intelligent scheduling of cloud-side symbiotic-sensing-computing and intelligent integrated operation of business scenarios such as “real-time perception, visual controllability, tracking analysis, self-diagnosis, and decision-making assistance”.