Gao Nianshu, CEO of AsiaInfo, Was Invited to Attend the Opening Ceremony and A Series of Activities of the World Computing Conference

2023-09-15 AsiaInfo

On the morning of September 15th, the 2023 World Computing Conference jointly sponsored by Hunan Provincial People's Government and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology kicked off in Changsha, Hunan Province. Qin Boyong, Vice Chairman of the 14th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Shen Xiaoming, Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Mao Weiming, Governor of Hunan and Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Zhiguo, Chief Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Li Dianxun, Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Hunan, more than 20 academicians of CAS and CAE, relevant ministries and commissions as well as provincial and municipal leaders attended the opening ceremony. Experts and enterprise representatives from related fields at home and abroad gathered along the Xiangjiang River to discuss “New Changes in the Computing Industry”. Gao Nianshu, CEO and Executive Director of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the conference, the symposium of honoured guests, the high-end conclave in the computing industry, the launch of “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” and other activities.


Figure: Gao Nianshu Was Invited to Attend the Symposium of Honoured Guests

On the evening of September 14th, Gao Nianshu attended the symposium of honoured guests of the World Computing Conference hosted by Mao Weiming, Governor of Hunan and Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee. Mao Weiming said that in recent years, Hunan has anchored the bright blueprint of “Three Highs and Four News” drawn by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, firmly grasped the “Four Focus Points” that are enterprises, industries, industry chains and industrial ecology, accelerated the new infrastructure construction support represented by computing power, and promoted the high-efficiency utilization of computing data, the high-level guarantee of computing power, the high-quality supply of algorithms and the high-integration support of computing power network. The basic capabilities and industry chain level of the province's computing industry have been continuously improved.

Mao Weiming said that Hunan is currently making efforts to build a world-class “Information Innovation” industrial cluster, a national leading audio and video industrial cluster and an industry-leading Beidou scale application industrial cluster, striving to achieve a computing industry scale of 400 billion yuan in 2025 and a digital economy scale of the top ten in China. Entrepreneurs from home and abroad are welcome to invest and develop in Hunan, bringing more advanced technologies, high-quality resources and high-end elements. Hunan will continue to create a market-oriented, legal and international first-class business environment to provide the best services for people's development in Hunan.

As the pioneering provider of software products, solutions, and services, AsiaInfo has been deeply involved in Hunan market for more than 20 years, and has set its South China headquarters in Changsha. Hunan AsiaInfo Software Co., Ltd. under AsiaInfo has accumulated an output value of several billion yuan in Hunan and has become a national high-tech enterprise and a key mobile Internet enterprise in Hunan Province; Hunan AsiaInfo Anhui Technologies Co., Ltd. has deeply expanded in the “Information Innovation” market, and its database products have entered the government procurement catalogue of “dual-oriented products” in Hunan and Changsha.

Gao Nianshu said that AsiaInfo adheres to the concept of “ranking higher in both products and services”, and relies on the product systems of “digital intelligence”, “cloud network” and “IT” and profound solutions and project service capabilities to continuously empower government affairs, communications, energy sources, transportation, finance, postal services and other industries. AsiaInfo is willing to work with “IUR” partners from all walks of life in Hunan Province to create “new productivity”, actively support the development of Hunan's computing industry, and boost the scale of Hunan's digital economy to a new level. 


Figure: Gao Nianshu Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Conference and Participated in the Releasing Ceremony of the “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” Partnership Program (Fourth from Right)

At the opening ceremony on the morning of 15th, the “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” partnership program was officially released. Gao Nianshu launched the program together with Li Ligong, general manager of CEC, Xu Zhijun, rotating CEO of Huawei, Chen Zhihua, chairman of KylinSoft, and many other industry partners. The “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” partnership program was jointly initiated by CEC and Huawei. The program combines Kunpeng Ecology and PKS Ecology, aiming at jointly creating a “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” that supports Kunpeng and Phytium CPUs at the same time, achieving mutual development together with industry partners, and creating a new pattern for general computing power. Previously, AsiaInfo's related products have been tested and certified for compatibility with Phytium CPU, Huawei Kunpeng chip and other related products, and the product adaptation has been completed, realizing full compatibility with Kunpeng ecology and PKS ecology. In the future, AsiaInfo will rely on “Kunpeng&Phytium Ecology” to deeply participate in the national ecological construction of the information industry and help to realize “self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology”.

In the next few days, experts from AsiaInfo will also deliver speeches at the forum sessions such as “Digital Economy” of the World Computing Conference.