Multi-modal Multi-engine Hyper-converged New Ecology! 2023 AsiaInfo AntDB 8.0 Product Release

2023-09-21 AsiaInfo

On September 20th, the product launch of AsiaInfo AntDB 8.0 with the theme of “Multi-modal Multi-engine Hyper-converged New Ecology” was successfully held, which showed the 8th large-scale capability upgrade and ecological construction achievements of AntDB from both technical and ecological perspectives. Zhejiang Mobile, yonyou, KylinSoft, eHualu Gaocheng, Jinyun Zhilian and other industry partners and experts discussed the current development and future blueprint of domestic databases.


Figure: Gao Nianshu, CEO and Executive Director of AsiaInfo, Delivered A Speech

AntDB 8.0 products have achieved major upgrades of two features: put “hyper-converged architecture” into production from laboratory, and stream computing has been upgraded to “hyper-converged streaming real-time warehouse”.

Hyper-converged Database of SQL Everything

AntDB hyper-converged architecture was officially put into production from laboratory environment. Based on the coexistence of six execution engines, it provides bottom data services for upper-level transactions, analysis, high-frequency processing, real-time computing, IoT connection and AI vector computing. Users can use the data in AntDB under ODBC, JDBC, Python, and various development frameworks including standard SQL, which greatly simplifies the complexity of understanding the bottom frameworks by development and operation personnel and reduces the development and operation costs and risks of users.

Stream Computing in Database Kernel

If relational database represents the classic “transaction + query” mode, then AntDB introduces stream computing from kernel level as an “event + push” message mode. This event-driven streaming database pays more attention to real-time and concurrent processing capabilities. Test data show that compared with Nexmark, a well-recognized benchmarking framework in the field of stream processing, the SQL performance of each query statement of AntDB-S, a database kernel streaming engine, has been greatly improved, with a maximum improvement of 73%.


Figure: AntDB-S Performance V.S. Existing Stream Processing System


Figure: AntDB-S Application 

“Trust Partnership Program” Constructs a New Ecology of “Information Innovation” 

Wang Li, general manager of AsiaInfo Anhui Technologies, said that the future of the database would lie in its application to more and more industry scenarios and continuous polishing of products and service capabilities. The database supports middleware and application software business upwards and undertakes the bottom ecology such as operating system, chip, and server downwards, which plays a key role in connecting the preceding with the following in the industry chain.

AntDB has always regarded “Thorough Ecological Business” as its long-term development direction and goal, deeply integrated with upstream and downstream ecological partners from the business level and gave full play to their respective advantages in product collaboration and scheme innovation, providing tangible capabilities and services for the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of industry customers.

In the past year alone, AntDB has been adapted to nearly 1,000 products from 500 enterprises, including many domestic chips and operating systems, and successfully put into implementation in many industries in the mode of “standard products + industry solutions” through the Trust Partnership Program.

At this conference, Wang Xiaozheng, General Manager of Information Technology and Data Management Department of Zhejiang Mobile, Ji Lu, Assistant CEO of Yonyou Network Co., Ltd., Song Yan, General Manager of Beijing eHualu Gaocheng Technology Co., Ltd., Fang Kuntao, General Manager of Digital Division of Wuxi Jinyun Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd., Jin Kai, Deputy General Manager of KylinSoft Ecology and Technology Service Center, and other guests shared their cooperation practices with AntDB from different industries and their wonderful views on the future development of the database.


Figure: Guest Speeches 

Gao Nianshu, CEO and Executive Director of AsiaInfo, said that AntDB, as a new engine of digital and intelligent transformation, should not only be forward-looking and creative in technical capabilities, but also join hands with many industry chain partners in the market to deeply understand industry applications combining with industrial advantages. In the future, AntDB will continue to carry on innovation, achieve new breakthroughs, and join hands with ecological partners to create a better, more responsive, and efficient data base, thus boosting the innovation and development of national basic software to a new level.