Digital Intelligence Promotes Common Prosperity in Hundreds of Industries! AsiaInfo Made a Wonderful Appearance at 2023MWC in Shanghai

2023-06-30 AsiaInfo

From June 28 to 30, 2023, MWC · Shanghai, the most influential comprehensive international event in the global mobile communication field, was grandly held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Industry leaders, industry chain enterprises, and tens of thousands of professional visitors gathered in Shanghai from 114 countries and regions. As a leading provider of software products, solutions, and services, AsiaInfo made an appearance at Booth B50 of Hall N1 of the Expo Center together with three major product systems, industry solutions, and cases of “IT”, “digital intelligence” and “cloud network” to Booth B50 of Hall N1 of Expo Center, and participated in several significant forums.


Figure: AsiaInfo's Expo Booth

The Three Major Product Systems Build a Solid Foundation for Industrial Transformation and Development

In the face of a new round of technological change, it is time to use digital intelligence technology to upgrade traditional industries and promote cost reduction and efficiency increase in whole industries! AsiaInfo has created three major product systems: “IT”, “digital intelligence”, and “cloud network”, helping customers from hundreds of industries to build a solid foundation for transformation and development. In this exhibition, AsiaInfo showed 5G, AI, network intelligence, computing power network, big data, edge AI, RPA, digital intelligence operation, metaverse, digital twins, databases, and other products, demonstrating its sci-tech hard power of “excellent products, strong services, and good operation”.


Figure: Domestic and Foreign Customers Visited AsiaInfo Booths



Figure: On-Site Software and Hardware Products: Edge AI, Computing Power Endogenous Network, and 5G Private Network

Multi-scenario solutions empower the industry transformation of communication, government affairs, energy sources, transportation, finance, etc.

In the “industry empowerment” exhibition area, AsiaInfo's diversified solutions and rich industry practices in communication, energy sources, transportation, finance, logistics, and grassroots governance have been displayed. Among them, the “Digital Intelligence and Energy Sources” showed the integration of cloud-network-integrated comprehensive energy smart operation platform, AI video intelligent auxiliary monitoring products, and smart mine solutions; The “Digital Intelligence and Transportation” highlighted the AsiaInfo digital intelligence twins and Beidou free flow billing solutions and transportation big data platform solutions; The “Digital Intelligence and Finance” focused on products such as consumer finance cloud and financial enterprise fan matrix operation platform.


Figure: Customers Inquired AsiaInfo Products and Services

In addition, the products and solutions of AsiaInfo empowering the digital and intelligent transformation of retail, park, and customer services were also displayed.

AsiaInfo Senior Executives Were Invited to Attend the Conference

At this conference, AsiaInfo senior executives were also invited to attend several significant forums and activities.

On the 27th, Gao Nianshu, CEO and Executive Director of AsiaInfo was invited to attend the forum “5G Innovation Leads the Win-Win Integration of Intelligence and Big Data” held by China Mobile and the releasing ceremony of autonomous network innovation achievements.


Figure: Gao Nianshu Attended the Releasing Ceremony

Dr. Ouyang Ye, CTO and Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo and IEEE Fellow attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. He stated that the deep integration of AI big models and existing business systems of communication operators could be effectively promoted by “forming communication cognition enhancement”. The capacity of communication cognition enhancement is formed based on the corpus secondary training and the communication-specific big model calibrated by experts in the communication field, which can effectively help enterprises in the communication industry to conduct their “digital intelligence” upgrade.


Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye Made a Speech

On the 28th, Dr. Tian Suning, co-founder and chairman of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the Opennet Forum and shared his ideas on the development tendency of 5G IN Opennet. He believed that Opennet is the infrastructure to promote industrial development and the key to opening the future world.


Figure: Chairman Tian Suning Made a Speech

Ouyang Ye was invited to attend the forum and delivered a speech. He introduced AsiaInfo's products and solutions for the computing power endogenous network: On the premise of not changing the essential functions and architecture of the network by enhancing the functions of 5G BBU and 5G MEC, realizing “symbiotic integration of computing and communications”, and helping communication operators to conduct “subtraction on investment, multiplication on resources, and addition on capability”.


Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye Made a Speech

On the 29th, Chen Wu, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo, and Vice President Wang Zhuyong were invited to attend the “New Technology of 5G Cloud Network and New Driving Force of Digital Economy” forum by China Telecom. In conjunction with IUR partners, China Telecom has released the sci-tech innovative achievements of 5G/6G cloud network and 5G innovative applications.


Figure: Chen Wu Attended the Releasing Ceremony of China Telecom's Innovation Achievements

On the same day, Chen Wu was invited to attend China Mobile's “Computing Power Network Technology and Industry Conference”. China Mobile and its industry partners jointly released “Development Direction of Top Ten Industries of Computing Power Network and the Development Plan of Industry Chain” at the conference. Liu Chengkun, Vice President of AsiaInfo, attended the forum.


Figure: Chen Wu Attended the Releasing Ceremony of China Mobile Industry Chain Development Plan

Ouyang Ye attended the forum of China Mobile 6G Collaborative Innovation Forum and the releasing ceremony of the 6G Public Test Verification Platform.


Figure: Dr. Ouyang Ye Attended the Releasing Ceremony of China Mobile's 6G Public Test Verification Platform

On the same day, Wang Zhuyong was invited to attend the 2023 Global Cloud-Network Broadband Industry Association WBBA Shanghai Forum.

On the 30th, Ouyang Ye was invited to attend the GSMA “5G Revolution - Empowering the next Wave of Computing Power with 5G and AI” forum and delivered a keynote speech.