2023 MWC Barcelona|AsiaInfo Tian Suning: Build a 5G private network in the digital intelligence era to empower the digital and intelligent transformation of global industries

2023-03-01 AsiaInfo

On February 27, local time, MWC 2023 (Mobile World Congress), an international event with global influence in the field of communications, was grandly held in Barcelona, Spain. More than 75,000 people including communication operators, equipment manufacturers, industry leaders, and professionals from more than 200 countries and regions gathered at the event. Dr. Tian Suning, co-founder of AsiaInfo and chairman of AsiaInfo, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech at the “GTI International Industry Summit” and participated in the GTI 3.0 release ceremony.


Dr. Tian Suning and Dong Xin, China Mobile General Manager, Gao Tongqing, Deputy General Manager, and other domestic and foreign industry leaders jointly released GTI 3.0

The GTI International Industry Summit is the most influential event in the GTI initiative, bringing together global mobile communications industry leaders, policy makers, and industry partner leaders to discuss industry trends and share cutting-edge thinking and innovation.

Industry digital intelligence drives the vigorous development of private 5G network

Tian Suning said that as a new type of infrastructure, private 5G network has five core characteristics: more secure, more stable, more efficient coverage, large uplink, private network data isolation and flexible evolution. With the acceleration of digital and intelligent transformation of hundreds of industries, new services such as autonomous driving, smart power plants, and AR/VR put forward requirements for large bandwidth and low latency for private network , and the global private 5G network market is booming, and it is expected that the global private 5G network market will reach about 28.4 billion in 2023, and the Asia-Pacific region will become the world‘s largest private 5G network market.


Dr. Tian Suning gave a live speech

AsiaInfo: Building 5G proprietary connectivity in the digital intelligence era

At present, AsiaInfo has mature practices in the three mainstream VPC connection methods in the whole industry, namely virtual private cloud/5G network slicing, 5G hybrid private network, and 5G independent private network.

AsiaInfo supported China Mobile in building a network-wide 5G network slicing service end-to-end management system and cooperated with a number of Chinese communication operators to deploy 5G network slicing in power grid, airport, industry, media, and other industries, forming best practices, and won the “Network Slicing Global Best Practice Award” at the 5G World 2021 World Summit.

In terms of 5G hybrid private network and independent private network, AsiaInfo and Hainan Mobile jointly built the world’s largest private 5G network in the field of nuclear power, effectively supporting Hainan nuclear power production safety monitoring, equipment management, and mobile office, providing 5G technology application examples for the nuclear power industry, and becoming the first in the field of global nuclear power informatization construction in China’s nuclear power. Recently, AsiaInfo has reached consensus with a number of nuclear power companies to help them deploy private 5G networks in production, management, office and other fields.

AsiaInfo private 5G network core technology and innovation

Tian Suning said that in the field of private 5G network, AsiaInfo continues to invest in research and development, adhere to innovation, and achieve fruitful results.

AsiaInfo independently developed 5G O-RAN base stations that meet the O-RAN standard and cooperated with partners from other industries to carry out intelligent energy-saving exploration, reducing the power consumption of 5G base stations by 20%-30% without interrupting services.

Based on cloud native technology, AsiaInfo quickly deploys 5G cloud-based core networks in public cloud, private cloud, container and other environments, and its products have been launched on the AWS Marketplace application store, providing users with fast, lightweight, flexible, secure, and green 5G connection services.

AsiaInfo advocates the construction of a “general computing integration” private 5G network, decoupling the idle computing power of many 5G BBUs from communication services, providing flexible and low-cost computing power support without adding additional hardware equipment, and “subtracting investment, adding resources, and enhancing capabilities” for communication operators

Tian Suning pointed out that the construction of private 5G networks in the digital intelligence era is inseparable from the mature industrial ecology, and AsiaInfo is willing to work with global communication operators to promote the development of GTI, jointly build a private 5G network in the digital intelligence era and empower the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry.