Good news! AsiaInfo was once again selected as “2022 China’s Top 100 Software and IT Service Enterprises in Comprehensive Competitiveness”

2023-02-17 AsiaInfo

Today, China Information Technology Industry Federation (CITIF) officially released the list of “2022 China’s Top 100 Software and IT Service Enterprises in Comprehensive Competitiveness”. AsiaInfo has once again ranked 22nd in the top 100 list with its outstanding performance in enterprise scale, enterprise performance, R&D innovation, and social responsibility. So far, the company has been selected into this list for several consecutive years and the ranking has risen steadily.


“Software and IT Service Enterprises in Comprehensive Competitiveness” is an authoritative selection of the industry organized and initiated by the CITIF under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, aiming to implement the “14th Five-Year Plan”, promote the healthy and efficient development of China’s software and information technology service industry through the selection of industry vanguards, and drive the overall level of digital economy and society. At present, China is in a critical stage of high-quality economic and social development. As a leading provider of software products, solutions, and related services, and a leading “digital intelligence full-stack capability provider”, AsiaInfo has formed “end-to-end” full-link support capabilities covering consulting planning, product development, implementation and delivery, system integration, intelligent decision-making, data operation, customer service, etc. In recent years, the company has adhered to the strategy of “One Consolidation and Three Development”, accurately grasped the opportunity of economic and social transformation, adhered to the “double leading of products and services”, while strengthening the market share of communication business, relying on the three product systems and related services of “digital intelligence”, “cloud network” and “IT” to continue to empower government affairs, energy, radio and television, finance, transportation, postal and other industries, maintaining a super high customer retention rate. With the acceleration of China’s economic and social transformation, the transformation of new and old development momentum, and the positive environment of software and information technology service industry, it will continue to maintain an overall steady growth trend in the future, and gradually move from “quantitative increase” to “qualitative change”. AsiaInfo will closely follow the trend of “industrial digitalization and digital industrialization”, anchor the main line of integrated development of digital economy and real economy, adhere to independent innovation, deepen the digital intelligence industry, work with partners from industry, academia, and research institution to build an industrial ecology, promote ecological construction and business model reform, and continue to explore for the digital and intelligent transformation of the whole industry and contribute to “Chinese-style modernization”.


Figure: Top 30 on the list