Benchmark Case! Nanjing TV Runs a Special Report on AsiaInfo's Smart Renovation of Old Compounds

2023-02-07 AsiaInfo

"Our compound was built three or four decades ago .It used to be unfenced and anyone could easily get in. Corridors here were littered with leaflets, and a household on the second floor was even intruded by a thief." Mr. Li, a resident in Nanjing's Gulou District, pointing the smart device at the entrance of the building he lives in and told the reporter, "It's been different since this device was installed. Nobody can get in if the face is not recognized by the device or the password is wrong. It's much more secure!" The 2023 Nanjing TV "Going to the Grassroots for Spring Festival" programme team visited the compound and saw the tangible benefits for the residents delivered by the smart renovation project of old compounds supported by AsiaInfo.


Nanjing TV Special Report

Old Compounds Renovated with "Digital Intelligence" Beneficial for Management and Public Welfare

"The 14th Five-Year Plan regards the renovation of old urban compounds as a major public wellbeing project, and renovation projects is##have been gradually carried out nationwide. These compounds have such prominent problems as insecurity and fire hazards, and their public facilities are too outdated to meet the needs of residents. In the Guiyuntang compound, for example, the majority of residents are senior citizens, some of whom live alone. They should be protected by sound community services. But incidents are common there because of unguarded entrances to these places. Therefore, residents there have their privacy and security impaired. These problems make it very difficult for community governance and public services.

Under the leadership of the local authorities, AsiaInfo has built a "smart community integrated service platform" for the Guiyuntang compound based on smart community solutions. The integrated use of hardware and software technology will strengthen the monitoring and deployment of existing equipment and resources, and establish a scientific and efficient management, service system and risk prevention mechanism.

The platform integrates information on people, places, things and events in the compound, co-ordinates public management, public services and public security resources, and integrates various applications such as building safety management, home services for the elderly, fire escape management, parking shed charging pile management, road lighting management, community information and publicity, emergency assistance, etc. to make life all the more convenient for residents there in all aspects. The platform is equipped with modules such as "situational analysis and research, neural awareness, video access and intelligent retrieval", combined with big data and video linkage to help community managers accurately grasp the attributes of the population, detect passage behaviour and manage population information. The platform is suitable for the levels of districts, sub-districts and communities. It can effectively enhance community management and service effectiveness for better living experiences.


Figure: Example of AsiaInfo's Smart Community Integrated Service Platform

AsiaInfo's Smart Community Solutions Create a New Paradigm of "Internet+" Community Governance with Edge Intelligence

AsiaInfo's "Smart Community" integrated solution is dedicated to creating a new paradigm of community management in the context of "Internet+". It connects government, sub-districts, communities, property management companies, residents, businesses and other relevant parties, and serves business scenarios such as party building, grid general management and property security. It establishes a panoramic data integration and analysis "cockpit" for sub-districts and communities, forming an efficient, convenient, full time community digital operation system to create a . It facilitates the efforts to build a safe, convenient, intelligent and sustainable community.


Figure: Direction of solution services

The solution relies on the technology base of AsiaInfo's self-developed AI, IoT and big data products, and integrates network, computing and storage functions to provide "edge intelligence" support in close proximity. It ensures "low latency, high security and high reliability" services to meet the key requirements of agile connectivity, data optimisation, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. The solution enjoys various functions, flexibility, technological advantages, and easy deployment. It supports integrated hardware and software delivery, and has been implemented in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong and Jiangxi.


Photo: AsiaInfo helps improve people's livelihood and transform society with smart community building

The community is the basic unit of social governance and the basic space for urban construction. To effectively promote the renovation of old compounds and the community governance is an important part of urban renewal plans to improve the quality of urban living. Relying on its full-stack digital intelligence technology and solutions, AsiaInfo hopes to join hands with customers around the world to promote the development of smart compounds, smart cities and "Digital China".